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Monday 18th January 2021

Monday 18th January 2021


*Choose ten spellings from previous weeks of our spellings, have 10-15 minutes practicing them and then get an adult to test you on them. Let’s hope you can remember the spellings rules we have previously practiced!*

Maths ONLINE Task

For today’s maths lesson you will need today’s activity sheet which is attached below or will be in your learning pack collected from school, as well as something to write with. We will have a 15 minute discussion on what today’s activity entails and then you will be able to complete it independently, with me being there on TEAMs if you have any questions to ask. 


Also make sure you have your work from Friday as we will go through those answers before we start today’s activity. To support yourself with today’s maths activity, Wednesdays work from last week (the two 4 times table activity sheets) will help you 



Read Robot Facts and highlight the key words from the worksheet: 

artificial, intelligence, successful, industrial


Then please complete the worksheet using a thesaurus for the synonyms. You can use an online thesaurus. Try to think about which words you might be able to use in your writing this week as you will be writing a description of a robot.


Today for History you are going to complete your first piece of information about Prehistoric Britain, take 5 minutes to look over the knowledge organiser from last lesson to refresh your memory. Then complete today’s activity which is attached below or will be in your learning pack. 


When you have completed it, please rewrite the text out in your neatest joined up handwriting afterwards, this will be FANTASTIC practice for you!