Remember to walk, jog, skip, cycle or scoot to school as we are taking part in the Lincolnshire Schools Active Travel Award! More info on the Sport page. | Is your child due to start school in September 2021? Visit our Parents tab for more information. | We have places available in school! Please contact us for more details.





Try the following & stop when your child finds the activity too challenging as they do get progressively harder:

  • Sit down and see how far out to the side you can lean before losing balance.

  • Sit down and see how far forwards and backwards you can lean before losing balance.

  • Sit down and lean from side to side and pat the floor in time to the Hold on Tight song.

  • Hold on to something, e.g. wall bars, and pull yourself up and lower yourself down. Do it first with 2 hands and then 1 and also try it in time with the Hold on Tight song.

  • Sit facing a partner, and hold hands with your arms very straight. Next try with one standing up, keeping arms straight and then swap places, so as one stands the other sits.

  • Stand while holding on to something with 2 hands, e.g. wall bars, try leaning out, hold your balance and then move back in again. Start with one foot forward and 1 back and then try with feet together. You could also try with 1 hand and maybe even eyes closed!