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Monday 11th January



We are beginning this week with Perimeter. We have discuss perimeter when it has come up in questions quite a few times recently. Remember, perimeter is the total distance around the length of a shape. Before we get into the perimeter work, we will start today with some practise with measuring. Now, I am aware that you may not have a ruler at home. If this is the case, don't panic. Complete the questions that you are able to do. Below you will find links to some websites where you can do some other work on perimeters; this will give you something else to work on if you require it. 



Measure perimeter

Other Perimeter Activities



During our Teams lesson today I shall try to use a break out room to allow some children to do their spelling test with Miss Sykes. I shall do my spellings to hopefully. 

During the morning, please work through the page from your RWI Spelling Book. There will obviously be parts that you can't do as we would in school. I'm sorry about this. Just do your best. I know you will.




This will be the first lesson for our topic on Earth and Space. For this lesson, we will be finding out that people haven't always had the same thoughts about the Earth. Please watch the Power Point, then read the evidence cards and use the information to complete the sheet.