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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Tuesday 2nd February 2021


English ONLINE Task

Today for English you will need the text you looked at yesterday to complete the questions, writing your answers in full sentences with a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end. Also have a highlighter or a coloured crayon with you to highlight the information in the text as we will complete the first few together.


For today’s maths you will be continuing to recap some prior learning from Year 2. You will be counting amounts of money in pounds so make sure that you are familiar with the coins £1 and £2, as well as the notes £5, £10, £20 and £50. We will mark your answers together at the start of tomorrow’s online lesson.


To revise colours in French, complete the colour splashes and then find the words in the wordsearch. See how many you can remember from our previous lesson on this.