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Tuesday 23rd February



Today we are looking at equivalent fractions. Remember how we can use a multiplication square to help us work out these fractions, as well as a fraction wall. 

Adapted Maths


You will recognise this activity from yesterday so you will have a heads up on some of the answers. It's all about getting to know more about fractions today and applying your understanding of unit and non-unit fractions.



A new topic for Grammar this week. We are looking at Modal Verbs. Modal verbs give the chance, likelihood or possibility of an event occurring. They can also be used with a sentence to show that advice or permission is being given or to explain habits or ability. Watch the PowerPoint below first before trying the sheets in your pack.

Adapted English


I would be very like you to have a go at that the Grammar task above, but as an alternative, remember that you have the ixl activities to complete. 



Something a little different for computing this half term. Today we are going to be finding out how important it is to make sure when we don't copy other people's work from the internet and if we do use their work, we write what is known as a citation to give credit to the original author. Watch the PowerPoint before having a go at researching one of the animals and writing some citations  for the webpages you used.