We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Year 1 Miss Bone

Learning for those isolating... 





This week we are responding to a letter we have received from our new headteacher! Please look carefully at the learning objectives and write a short piece linked to these points. Please write on a lined piece of paper if you have some. 



This week in Maths, we are counting in tens to 100. We are also identifying numbers on a 100 square, partitioning numbers and comparing numbers! 


Please use the videos below to support you with this and complete the tasks too. 



In Science, we are learning about our senses! Have a look at the following tasks on Tuesday 6th July:


For RSE, please look at the 'Think Happy' lesson presentation and then complete the task below:



Have a look at the following presentation with a grown-up. Listen carefully to the information. Once you have done this, share your thoughts about the question on the last slide!

Around the World Day! 


Our 'Around the World Day' was absolutely wonderful! The children all made a huge effort for our country, Bulgaria! Throughout the day, the children completed a range of different activities. In the morning, the children completed a Bulgarian flag collage and learnt to count to 10 in Bulgarian. In the afternoon, the children created Bulgarian flag paper chains, took part in a Bulgarian team game in PE, enjoyed some traditional Bulgarian sweet treats and completed a Geography fact file! 


When I asked the children what their favourite part of the day was, the majority said "the snacks"! However, many children also said it was hard to decide as they enjoyed the variety of activities - fabulous! Well done to everyone for their huge efforts and thank you for taking part in such a special day. 

Here is the link for counting up to 10! 

Learning for those isolating...


Please listen to 'Handa's Surprise' (link below) and see if you can retell the story in your own words. Try to remember to use capital letters, full stops and adjectives!

Please have a look at the phonics activity below. Read the instructions carefully for each section.

Think back to the story 'Handa's Surprise'. Imagine you are Handa's friend Akeyo... You are going to write a thank you card to Handa for her visit to you and for the delicious tangerines!

We are going to be moving on from the story of Handa's Surprise and we are now going to be learning about animals. We hope to create some non-fiction writing linked to animals over the next couple of weeks. For the next task, please think about a pet animal and how it needs to be taken care of. 


For each day, please watch the video link first and then complete the activity. 

Using the shapes on page 1 only, cut out the shapes, fold them in half and colour one half of each shape too. 

Additional Subjects

Please find a range of learning tasks for additional subjects below.


Look at the slides below to remind yourself about what you have learnt about the Torah. Please then complete the activity. You will need to draw and write about a book that is special to you. It could be any book at all! Think carefully about why it is special to you and how you would like other people to treat it. 



Task 1

Look at the presentation below to find out about the 'Big Five'. Your task is to then draw them! 

Task 2

Today's session is a creative one! Choose one (or more!) of the activities to complete below.

In Geography, the children have been learning all about the United Kingdom. They began their learning by identifying each of the four countries which make up the UK and then painted them in a different colour on their map. Once the paint was dry, the children labelled the countries. The maps were stuck onto card and the children drew wiggly lines onto the card to cut along. It was then time to piece the puzzle back together! The children enjoyed learning in this practical way. 


We have continued some learning about the countries of the UK by exploring the PowerPoint below. Please click on the link if you would like to talk through the information with your child at home (we used slides 12-22). You will also find the puzzles in your child's book bag - they were very keen to take them home to use again. Well done everyone.


Dunelm Kindness Campaign

Here are a few examples of the lovely pictures which the children created to send to local care homes as part of the Dunelm Kindness Campaign. We hope they will put a smile on the faces of the residents who must have found the last year incredibly difficult. 

Every child is an artist...

In Art, we have been learning about the sculptor Antony Gormley. We learnt lots about his works, including his most famous 'Angel of the North'.


We have worked hard over the last couple of weeks to create a sculpture in the style of Antony Gormley's clay figures. The process started by designing our sculptures using pencil, graphite sticks, charcoal and wax crayons. We then made our plans a reality using clay. The children enjoyed getting messy and seeing their plans come to life. Well done everyone (and thank you for helping to clean up too!). 

Super Science!

In Science today, we learned all about 'deciduous' and 'evergreen' trees. We made up some actions to help us remember the meaning of the words and then we went hunting for these different types of trees outside! Once we were back inside, the children sorted different pictures of trees into the correct groups. It was lots of fun!

A Snapshot of Home Learning...

TEAMS Live Teaching Timetable

Remote Learning Resources
Spring Term 2 

Dunelm Kindness Campaign 

Dunelm has contacted Hawthorn Tree to tell us of a wonderful kindness campaign they are running. Do you think you can help? 


Dunelm would like to spread kindness and care in the community by sending cards or pictures to local care homes from children like you! It has been incredibly hard for the elderly members of our community who reside in care homes and are unable to have any visitors. Therefore, by sending them a card or a picture, we can hopefully help to put a smile on their faces.


If you would like to send a card or a picture, please ensure that they are at the school office by Friday 19th March so that they can be quarantined before being delivered. The cards from our school will be sent to Hunters Creek and Manorgate Care Homes. 

Week 1
Week 2 

Learning Support

As I'm sure you are aware, some children in every class require some differentiated learning activities to help them maintain the same sense of achievement as their peers. If you know this is the case for your child, or you are referred to this section, this is where I will be posting activities for these children.


Equally, if you do require further support, or have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me via email or Seesaw.


World Book Day Event - 3rd March 2021

World Book Day is a celebration of stories. The day is marked in over 100 countries across the world. This year, I am delighted to announce that the Arts charity 'Settle Stories' has offered schools the opportunity to access a free online storytelling performance with professional storyteller Alia Alzougbi. You will need to book your place, using the link below. 


Arabic storyteller Alia will welcome our children to Ancient Arabia. Step into the story and be delighted for a mischievous hour as she recounts some of the lesser-known stories from the timeless collection of the Arabian Nights.


This will begin at 9:30-10:15am. I am aware that this will overlap with out Teams session. However, I am happy for you to join a little later that day. I hope you enjoy the performance!

Half Term Activity Ideas 

The children have all worked incredibly hard this term. They have adapted so well to learning from home and to the changes in school too. Thank you to all parents and carers for your continued support during another very challenging time. 


I have posted some screen-free activities below which you might like to share with your child over the half term break. I hope that you find them enjoyable. 


Keep safe,

Miss Bone smiley

Learning Packs Collection

The next set of learning packs are to be collected on Thursday 11th February between 13:00 and 13:45. This pack will cover all learning from 22nd February - 5th March. Please ensure that this pack is put to one side, ready to be started after half term. This time you will find a runner bean seed inside a green envelope and you will also be handed a plant pot! This is for our new topic in Science - 'Plants'. 


When collecting this pack, please return your child's current learning pack... Please keep all the learning materials for Friday 12th February. Thank you. 

P.E in School

Children attending provision in school every Monday and Wednesday will be required to go to school wearing their PE Kit. This will need to be suitable for the cold weather as PE will be taught outside, where possible. 


As the weather is getting colder, the classrooms are too! Please ensure your child has some warm clothing on under their school uniform (e.g. a long sleeved top, vests etc). Thank you.


Spring Term 1
I have now changed the layout of the web page to help you locate learning with greater ease. Please see the days and weeks below to find learning materials.

Week 3

Week 4 

Learning Packs Weeks 5 and 6

The next set of learning packs (for Monday 1st February to Friday 12th) are to be collected on Thursday 28th January between 13:00-13:45.


When you collect the learning packs, please also return completed work from the previous learning pack. I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful learning! 

Week 5 

Children's Mental Health Week

This week is Children's Mental Health Week - to support Parents here are some useful resources from the Children's Mental Health Week Organisation. You may like to have a loook at some of the activities to support your child. There are also some helpful tips for parents .

Draw Your Feelings - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

For more activity ideas visit

The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

For more activities ideas visit

Week 6 

Internet Safety Week

This week is internet safety week. In school we will be having an Internet Safety day on Tuesday 9th February. We will also be sharing this story for Year 1 on our LIVE Teams Sessions. Please find a link to the PowerPoint we will be using and another useful link from the BBC to help you talk about internet safety with your child.

Please see a list below of optional spellings for your child to practise. You may wish to choose five or six spellings for your child to learn each week. We will continue to practise spellings in our live phonics sessions too. 

Learning Support 


As I'm sure you are aware, some children in every class require some differentiated learning activities to help them maintain the same sense of achievement as their peers. If you know this is the case for your child, or you are referred to this section, this is where I will be posting activities for these children.


Equally, if you do require further support, or have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me via email or Seesaw.





Learning Packs Weeks 3 and 4

The next set of learning packs (for Monday 18th to Friday 29th) are to be collected on Thursday 14th January between 10:00-10:45.


When you collect the learning packs, please also return ALL completed work from the previous learning pack. I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful learning! 


Wednesday 6th January 2021
On Monday, we began our new English unit - Giants. The children listened to the story 'The Smartest Giant in Town' and identified the adjectives which described George and the clothes he wears. Have another listen to the story again (use the link below or read a copy of your own), then complete the learning tasks. 

The Smartest Giant in Town

Today's live lesson will be Maths. We look forward to seeing you at your allocated time!
Thursday 7th January 2021
These will be the tasks which you will need to refer to during today's live lesson. See you soon!
Today we are consolidating knowledge on finding the difference. Please use this video link first and then complete the tasks below. 

This term we are learning about Victorians. We will start by learning some facts about Queen Victoria. Watch this BBC clip about her life: then complete your tasks.


If you would like to look at the Powerpoint the life of Victorians then please use this as an extra resource. 

Friday 8th January 2021
Today you will be learning to describe the setting of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. Have a look at the PowerPoint which shows various different examples of settings and then see if you can complete your task. Remember to use lots of great adjectives! 
Today's live lesson will be Maths. This will have a practical focus so you will not find a dated paper copy of resources in your learning pack today. 

In R.E this term we will learn about Islam. 


Today we are going to learn about the special place of worship for Muslims called a mosque. Please have a look through the PowerPoint and then look at the photographs of mosques. We would then like you to try the R.E task which is to draw a mosque, using the photos to help you.

Monday 11th January 2021
Joe Wicks is back! Tune in on his YouTube channel for your PE session at 9 a.m today.
Today's live lesson is English. We will be identifying the key events of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. You will need some scissors and glue (or blu-tac/sellotape) to complete this activity. Please see the resources below. You also have these in your pack. The pictures to cut and stick are slotted inside the A3 story mountain page. See you soon!

Please click on the link above for your daily count exercise! Once you have completed this, please look at the following video where you will recap your learning on fact families: 


You will then need to complete the activities below (which you will also find in your learning packs). 

Tuesday 12th January 2021


For your phonics session today we would like you to tune into the Ruth Miskin Phonics channel on You Tube

Here is the link:



If you are in Group A then work on the set 2 sound videos.


If you are in Group B then work on the Set 3 sound videos.

Today, there are several activities for you to complete. Please look at the PowerPoints below to refresh your child's understanding of adjectives. Please then complete the adjectives written tasks (describing the monster). Once your child has completed this, please then introduce them to verbs using the verbs PowerPoints below. Your child will then need to complete the written task on verbs. 

Today's lesson will be a LIVE session, we look forward to seeing you at your allocated time.

In today's lesson we will have a practical focus on counting on from a given number within 20, our main learning will then focus on adding by counting on from a given number. Please feel free to use the number lines provided in your packs or Lego blocks, or dried pasta if you feel that would be easier to help you count on. 

Our new topic in Science is called Materials. We are going to think about all the different properties of materials. Our first task for you  is to go on a material hunt around your home. You can look inside and outside and find lots of different examples of Materials. If you look on the task sheet you can see some of the materials we would like you to find. Then see if you can draw some of the examples we found and label them.
Wednesday 13th January 2021



Please tune in to Joe Wicks' YouTube channel at 9 a.m for PE today! If this is a little tricky, please use the additional resources below. Have fun! 

Today's live session is English. We will be delving deeper into the structure of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. Our session today will focus on what happens at the beginning of the text. 

Remember to use the Jack Hartman video to practise the daily count.


Please remind and encourage your child to use the number line provided in their learning packs to support them in completing today's worksheet using the method taught during yesterday's LIVE session. Remind them to circle the number they will be counting on from and to count on carefully. 


Thursday 14th January 2021




For your phonics session today we would like you to tune into the Ruth Miskin Phonics channel on You Tube

Here is the link:



If you are in Group A then work on the set 2 sound videos.


If you are in Group B then work on the Set 3 sound videos.

Please complete the next task which follows on from yesterday's live session. Read your writing from yesterday and then have a look at the pictures on you worksheet for today. What happens in the middle of the story? Can you write about what happens using some interesting adjectives and by using a range of different verbs? Please have your writing available for the start of tomorrow's live lesson. We would love to hear you read your writing!

Today's maths session will be LIVE and we look forward to seeing you at your allotted time.


During today's LIVE session we will be introducing number bonds and exploring these using the part-whole model. Children will be encouraged to draw a part-whole model and then use objects from around the house, for example, dried pasta, buttons or perhaps Lego blocks to explore making number bonds, firstly to five and then up to ten. 

This week in History we are thinking about different forms of transport. We would like you to look at the different photographs of Victorian Transport and then draw your favourite. What differences can you see to transport today? I wonder what your favourite transport will be?
Friday 15th January 2021
Today's live lesson is English. Please have your writing with you from Wednesday and Thursday. It would be great to hear you read your writing. Today, we will be discussing what happens at the end of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. 

Encourage your child to practise their daily count, remember that you can use the Jack Hartman video to help.


Please use the video clip in the link below to recap yesterday's learning using number bonds and adding on ones to help them complete the worksheet in their learning packs.


Last week we looked at the pictures of different mosques from the outside. This week we are going to think about the special inside features of a mosque. 

Everybody will need to cut and stick the correct picture to the correct label but Group B need to cut and stick the correct description too.

Year 1 Spring Term Newsletter

Please have a look at our newsletter to find out about all of the exciting learning opportunities ahead! 
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year. May it be full of joy and happiness for you all. 

Merry Christmas! 


We have had another fabulous term! Well done to all of the children for their continued hard work and thirst for knowledge. 


From all of the grown-ups in Year 1 Robins...




Here are a few festive photographs of us having fun during our 'Santa Dash'. Thank you to Miss Ingamells for organising such a very jolly event. 

Science Knowledge Organiser - Seasons


Please have a look at our knowledge organiser which we are using in science. Perhaps your child could have a look at it and then tell you some facts! 





Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. There is a change in that I would like your child to come to school in their PE kit on these days please. PE will continue to take place outside so please ensure that your child has warm clothing (and that it is black or navy in colour). Thank you. 

Fascinating Fossils! 


As part of our non-fiction focus in our English sessions, we are learning about how fossils are formed. We watched this video clip from the Natural History Museum and the children found it very interesting. I wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to have further discussions at home. Enjoy! 

How do dinosaur fossils form? | Natural History Museum

Remembrance Day 

Today we paid our respects with a two minutes' silence. We listened to Big Ben chime as well as 'The Last Post'. We talked about the effects of war on humans as well as animals - the clip below sparked a lot of discussion. The children were extremely respectful and I admire their thoughtfulness and sensitivity on this subject. 

CBeebies | Poppies animation

Year 1 Autumn Term 2 Newsletter


Lantern Competition

E-mail contact details for the teaching team, in school hours, are;

Super Science!


We have had a wonderful afternoon learning about hibernation! The children learnt some facts about hedgehogs such as when and why they hibernate. The children then thoroughly enjoyed creating their very own hedgehog using clay and sticks! 

Microsoft TEAMS Test! 


I will be running a Microsoft TEAMS test on Wednesday at 11 a.m! Further information has been sent out via Parent Mail. See you then!

Learning Support


As I'm sure you are aware, some children in every class require some differentiated learning activities to help them maintain the same sense of achievement as their peers. If you know this is the case for your child or you are referred to this section, this is where we will be posting activities for these children.


Good evening,


We hope that you are all safe and well. We miss you already!


As you are aware, learning will now be taking place remotely. It will take some time to adjust but we are all in this together. The most important thing is for your child to try their best – as always. We are hoping to create some videos for the children in order to make learning a little friendlier. We are trying our hardest to set these up and they will take a little more time for us to organise... please bear with us.


Please use my/our email addresses which are now at the top of this class page if you have any queries or concerns. Also remember that Seesaw is a great tool to use to get in touch and to also be able to upload any learning onto your child’s ‘page’.


Please try to share stories with your child as much as possible and also encourage them to read whenever you can. Some great websites for phonics games are and The Oxford Owl website ( also has some fantastic resources to keep reading alive. Signing up is free and there are many ebooks which you will be able to find and pitch according to your child’s ability. The Read Write Inc ebooks will be particularly beneficial to the children as they link with our phonics scheme.


Parents’ evenings will still be taking place in the form of telephone calls. We look forward to contacting you over the next few days.


Please keep safe and keep smiling,

The Year 1 Team

Monday 12th October


Please review the sounds shown below with your child by asking them to tell you the sounds one by one. If you child does not know all of the sounds, please don't worry - we are working our way through them. Once you have finished, you could ask your child to have a go at spelling the following words:

  • pit
  • bat
  • dig
  • shop
  • dish
  • bath
  • song
  • play
  • night
  • chair


There is also a story for your child to have a go at reading - please scroll down!


I have then included a link to a phonics game which the children are familiar with...


Have fun!




Rag the Rat



In Maths, we have been using the part-whole model to begin to understand that a number can be partitioned into two or more parts. The use of this model helps us to have a clearer understanding of addition – the two parts are added together to make the ‘whole’. Today, we will continue to look at part-whole models using objects to help us. Please have a flick through the images below to see some different examples.


Once the children have had a look at these examples, can they try to use objects from around your home (e.g. lego, cars, dried pasta) to create their own examples? Alternatively, they could draw part-whole models on a piece of paper and draw dots in each section instead. Please share these with me using Seesaw, or via email!



Working from home is likely to mean more time spent on computers, tablets and the internet. Therefore it is incredibly important to ensure you are being safe whilst you are online. Please take some time to look at the documents below to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe online!



Tuesday 13th October 


Start your day off with some fun exercises! Today we have included some of our favourite workouts from GoNoodle. 

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Patterns made of shapes, patterns made of grapes. Patterns in the air, patterns everywhere. Patterns in an app, patterns in this sing and dance alon...

The Pirate Life - Moose Tube | GoNoodle

Climb aboard a pirate ship and go this way, that way, forwards, backwards over the raging seas! Create a free account on now and find hundreds o...



Review the sound cards from yesterday and then ask your child to have a go at spelling the following words:


  • bug
  • net
  • had
  • wish
  • chat
  • bang
  • sink
  • play
  • beep
  • shirt


There is also another story to have a look at below...

Nip and Chip


For English today, please listen to our new text, ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover’ (video clip below!). Once you have listened to the story, please encourage your child to write a list of all the items they would take if they were going for a sleepover. It would be great if they could try and use some adjectives (describing words) too! This writing task is attached below.

English - Tuesday 13th October



We are going to continue developing our understanding of the part-whole model today. In particular, we will be looking more closely at the addition symbol. Please have a look at the following video for your session today:


There is also a task to complete. This is attached below.



In Science we have been learning all about the four seasons. Today, we are going to learn some facts about autumn. Please have a look through the powerpoint presentation which is attached below. There are several discussion points throughout this powerpoint - please enjoy these discussions with your child.


If it is safe and you are able to do so, please collect some autumnal objects from your garden with your child. Then, ask them to have a go at creating a piece of art work with these objects. I have included some examples below. Have fun!







Story time with Mrs Carr


Enjoy listening to Supertato with Mrs Carr. She misses you all lots! 

Story time with Mrs Carr - Supertato

Wednesday 14th October 
Kick start your day with some more fun GoNoodle moves! 



In our phonics session today, we will be learning all about the sound 'ou'. I have tried to record a video that is similar in style to the way our phonics lessons would run in school. However, it was a little bit different for me without any children to hear! Here it goes... 

Phonics - Wednesday 14th October



Have another listen to ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover’. Can you create a story map to show what happens in the story? Perhaps you could then retell the story to a sibling or to a grown-up. There is a template attached below but if you’d like to complete this in your own way, then please do so.



Have you noticed any patterns in your number sentences when you are using the part-whole model? Have you noticed that we use the same three numbers for each new example? This is called a fact family! Please have a look at the following video for an introduction to fact families:


There is also a task and a challenge question to complete. These are attached below. Be careful to check where the equals sign is - it might catch you out! 



Have a go at some of these activities and have some fun. Perhaps you could make up your own fitness routine too! 

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

It's great to get moving and this will help you to feel good too. Some of this workout might be a little fast-paced so please rest whenever you need to. Have fun!

Story time with Mrs Brady


A big hello from Mrs Brady! She really loves this story and wanted to share it all with you. Enjoy. 

Story time with Mrs Brady - Five Minutes Peace

Wow! You have all been working so hard. Keep up the hard work - I'm very impressed. Grown-ups, thank you for sharing these photos with me!

Thursday 15th October


Start off your day with some exercises from GoNoodle... 



Today we will be reviewing the sound 'ir'. Towards the end of the session, your child will need to read the text 'A Bad Fox' (this is shown below the video) and then they will write a sentence. This is all explained in the video as well.

Phonics - Thursday 15th October



We are going to continue with our learning using the text ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover’. For today’s activity, you will find some sentences linked to the story but there are some words missing! Can you use the word banks to select the correct word in order to complete the sentences?



Today you will be finding bonds for numbers within ten. Please begin by looking at the following video: Remember, you can pause this video at any time or even rewind it to go over a concept again. Please have a look at the activities below in order to complete the session.


I have also attached a number line showing numerals and number words from 0-20. By the end of Year 1, we should all be able to read and spell these. It would be fabulous if you could spend a bit of time practising these at any time!




In R.E we have been learning about Christianity. What can your child tell you about the features of a church? What might they see  if they went inside a church? Have a look through the following powerpoint presentation and then complete the task at the end which is to design a leaflet/poster all about your local church. What is it called? Can you label the different parts of the church? Please share your leaflet/poster with me on Seesaw!

Story time with Mrs Lidgard - The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past!


Hello from Mrs Lidgard. We hope you enjoy this very funny story!

Story time with Mrs Lidgard - The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past!

Story time.

Friday 15th October

Start your day off with some fab GoNoodle moves! 



Today we are reviewing the 'igh' sound. There is also a book to read after this session. You will find the book below this video. 

Phonics - Friday 16th October



I would like you to imagine that you are going to invite someone for a sleepover party at your house. What will you do? What games will you play? What will you eat?


Today’s learning task is to plan your sleepover party! Please have a look at the template design below but feel free to create a plan in your own style if you wish to! Have fun.



Mrs Lidgard starts off our Maths session today... She's trying hard to remember how to count but she needs a little bit of help. Can you help her?



Mrs Lidgard's Maths Starter

Counting with Bertie Bunny!

Today we are going to begin to learn systematic methods for number bonds within 10. The following video will help to introduce this method to the children:


Please then complete the activities below. Can you create any more at home? We would love to see what you can do – please share them on Seesaw or via email!

Positive Power! 


Here are some activities which are all linked to being positive. Of course, if you would like to write these down on a different piece of paper, that's absolutely fine. 


Well done for working so hard this week. Be proud.


Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Bone smiley

Monday 19th October 


It's time for some GoNoodle to help you get ready for learning! 

Today we are going to learn a new sound - 'oy'. Please have a look at the video below. There is also another book to read ('My Dog Ned') and a sentence to write once your child has read the book. I am really impressed with how hard the children are working. Thank you for sharing photographs of their spellings and sentences with me. I am very proud of 'my' Robins!

Phonics - Monday 19th October


This week we are going to continue our learning based on 'Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover'. Today, we would like you to design and describe a new pair of pyjamas to wear at your sleepover party! Think carefully about what you would like these to look like and try to use lots of exciting adjectives.


What colour will your pyjamas be? Will they have your favourite book characters on them? What about your favourite superheroes? Will they be short or long? Fluffy or soft? 


Have a look at the template below. I am looking forward to reading your super sentences. Remember: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! 


Today we are going to be learning all about number bonds to 10. Please begin by having a look at the following video Remember that you can pause the video at any time so that you can have a go at working out the answers. Please use practical resources along the way if you feel that these help. Remember that the bar model is another way of showing parts and whole numbers, with each part being a different size, depending on how big or small the number is.


Once you have looked at the video, please try the task below.


Super Sonic Training

Yoga and Mindfulness: Outside In The Woods | Cosmic Kids

Story Time with Mrs Brady

Story Time with Mrs Brady

Tuesday 20th October 


Start your day off with some GoNoodle moves!

Good morning everyone! Today we are going to review the sound 'ar'.

Tuesday 20th Phonics


Today's activity is to write all about your sleepover party! You will need to imagine what happened at your sleepover party... Did you manage to do everything you planned? What games did you play? Did you sleep well? 


In the document below, you will find a page which looks just like the story map from last week. This is where the children can create a story map of their very own sleepover! On page 2, they will then need to write sentences to match each picture.  


Today we are going to compare number bonds. The children will need to use the terms ‘greater than/more than’, ‘fewer than/less than’ and ‘equal to’. They will also need to recognise the mathematical symbols for these terms which are: >, < or =. Please begin by looking at the following video:


There is then a task to complete below.

For Science today, we will continue our learning about autumn. Please begin by looking at the 'Hibernation' powerpoint and then have a look at the pdf story called 'Don't Hog the Hedge'. There is then a hedgehog craft to complete (see below for the instructions and the template). Alternatively, your child could write a list of all the facts they have learnt about hibernation. 
Just for Fun! 

Story Time with Miss Bone - Elmer


As lots of you know, my favourite animal is an elephant! Here is a story which I loved when I was at school(!) and I still love it today... 

Story Time with Miss Bone - Elmer

Wednesday 21st October 


Move and groove along to GoNoodle!

Today we will be learning a new sound - 'ai'. The children will then have some words to spell, a book to read and a sentence to write. 

Wednesday 21st Phonics

Big Blob and Baby Blob


For English today I would like the children to become authors! I would like them to write a new adventure story for Harry and the dinosaurs - how exciting! Please have a look at the writing template below but feel free to use your own resources too. The children will need to draw the front cover of their story on the first page and also include the title of their new story here too. Please encourage the children to think carefully about what could happen in their story before they write it down. They will need to think about how stories are structured with a beginning, a middle and an end. I can't wait to read their stories! 


Example titles could be:

Harry and the Dinosaurs in Autumn

Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Fishing

Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Camping

Harry and the Dinosaurs on Holiday


Today the children will begin to understand word problems which are linked to addition (as well as their knowledge of number bonds to ten). Please begin by looking at the following video:


The children may need some help with reading the word problems. We also encourage the use of practical objects to help them work out the answers too.


There is also a challenge question to complete today!


5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV

Tallulah the Owlet | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Thursday 22nd October 


Kick start your day with some fun exercises! 


Phonics - Thursday 22nd October

The Chest in the Sand


We have now completed our 'Harry and the Dinosaurs' English topic. Well done to all the children for their super robot, dinosaur and pyjama designs, their ability to sequence and retell stories and for their comprehension skills this term!


For our last English session, I have provided some activities which link to our learning in Science. You will find an autumn word search, a writing activity about each season and also a writing template for the children to write about their favourite season. It would be great if the children could extend their sentences with some conjunctions such as 'and' or 'because'. There is also a Halloween word search to finish off with! 


In today’s maths session, the children will be continuing their learning on addition. This time, they will be learning how to add more. Please begin by using this video: and then complete the task below.


There are a number of word problems again today so your child may need further support in order to read them. 


In R.E we have learnt that a church is a Christian place of worship. In History, we have been learning about St Botolph's Church, otherwise known as Boston Stump! Today, I would like the children to see if they can recall the things that can be seen on the outside of a church and also the items that can be found inside a church. The powerpoint below (which you used last week) will help to refresh this knowledge. There is also a labelling worksheet which the children have used already in class... I wonder if they can refresh their memory with this too! 


Once these tasks have been completed, I thought it would be fun for the children to create their own 'junk model' church or Boston Stump! The children could use empty boxes and cartons to do this. Some examples are shown below. Have fun! 

Holiday Activities

Visit Bell's Pumpkin Patch! Tickets must be booked in advance - see link below.

#HelloYellow for YoungMinds

Our classroom looked like a giant sunshine! Thank you so much for taking part and for your kind donations.

Musical Maths!

Still image for this video
We have so much fun counting in lots of different voices!

Our Robot Designs!

Still image for this video
We have enjoyed 'Harry and the Robots' and 'Harry and the Dinosuars say "Raah!" in our English sessions. We have designed both a new robot and a new type of dinosaur! Here are some of us describing our robots... Can you hear us using some super adjectives?


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



I have had a little look to see who has signed up to Seesaw... I think there could have been a slight error with the settings! Please try to sign up and if you have any problems in doing so then don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you smiley

We have been talking about our feelings. In particular, we have talked about being 'happy' and 'sad'. The children showed happy and sad faces... I think we could all find a role on screen! We then spoke about things that make us happy and things that make us sad. The children shared some really meaningful examples for both of these feelings.

A Wonderful Week!

What a wonderful week we have had! In English, we have enjoyed the story 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs'. Over the course of the week, the children completed a wide range of learning activities linked to this text. Some of these included making stick puppet characters and writing descriptions of Harry's dinosaurs. One of Miss Bone's favourite descriptions was that a dinosaur was "yellow like the sun". Wow!


We also started to learn about Christianity in our R.E lesson. We started to talk about Christian beliefs and also about the times when some of us had visited a church. The children then used oil pastels to create beautiful stained-glass windows. 


In P.E the children played a really fun game called 'Truck and Trailer'! The children decided on certain actions for their friends to copy and they all took it in turns to have a go. Some movements were very funny! We had lots of fun. 

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow...

Here are all of our wonderful self-portraits! Don't we all look fabulous?!


The children have each created a self-portrait. They worked really hard to mix colours and include lots of detail (including eyelashes!). I am really proud of how the children thought really carefully about specific features and how they took great care when painting. Well done everyone! I will include an image of all of our self-portraits over the next couple of days. 

Welcome to Year 1 Robins!


Wow! We have had a wonderful start to the school year! All of the children have really impressed us with their behaviour, their resilience to change and their love of learning. It has been wonderful to see friends reunited again after such a long time. We have certainly had a classroom full of smiles!


We started our first couple of days in Year 1 with Art and PSHE activities. We have developed our own class rules, we have thought about who we can talk to if we have a problem or if we are feeling worried (both at home and in school) and we have talked about the changes in school which will help to keep us safe.


We have loved being creative! We painted self-portraits which will be displayed in the corridor for everyone to see. Mrs Carr and I are very impressed with the artistic flair we have seen in lots of children. Fabulous!  I hope to post some pictures of the display very soon.


The past few months have certainly been a challenge and we understand that the journeys you have faced as families are all very different. We are gradually introducing more formal learning but we will gauge this according to the needs of the children.


I hope you have all received a copy of the Year 1 newsletter. I will attach a copy onto this web page too. A few further details are outlined below:


 - Mrs Carr is our TA every day except Wednesday. On Wednesdays, Mrs Wroblewska is our TA. Mrs Ferguson and Ms Janisewska will also support us over the course of some afternoons each week.

 - Miss Neal will teach our class every Monday morning whilst Miss Bone is developing phonics provision for Key Stage 1 and Early Years.

 - Every Thursday afternoon, Mrs Carr will teach our class (with support from Mrs Janisewksa) whilst Miss Bone has time to plan new and exciting lessons.

- Our PE sessions are every Wednesday and Thursday. Sessions will take place outside so please ensure your child has PE kit suitable for all weathers!

 - Reading books will now only be changed every Tuesday and Friday.


Here's to a fabulous academic year!