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Wednesday 3rd March

Today's live session is English. We will begin with phonics and then you will be creating your very own story map based on 'Jack and the Beanstalk'! We will look at how to do this together.

Today the children will compare the heights and lengths of objects as they have been doing during the last two days, please remember when comparing the length and height of objects to use the language short/shorter/shortest, long/longer/longest and tall/taller/tallest. You could make it fun by comparing objects when out on a walk or around the house and garden, and then complete the worksheets in your learning packs. You can always use the powerpoints below to support your learning on length and height.

Please remember to continue to practise counting in twos. fives and tens throughout the day.


Today in P.E. we would like  you to log in to your Real P.E. account. Follow todays activites which are  based on the theme of Space.

First there is a warm up game called

Crazy Craters then the skills section is continuing to practise your jumping and landing - developing your astronaut skills. You will continue with the yellow video and move on to the Green video if you feel confident.

Cosmic Yoga

Here is a cosmic Yoga link if you would like to do some extra PE.

Frank The Frog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!


Here is a story for you to enjoy. Just follow the link.

Tabby McTat - Read by Alan Mandel

Tabby McTat is purr-fectly happy, singing along all day with Fred the busker. But when Fred gives chase to a thief, the two are separated. Will they ever fin...