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Tuesday 2nd March


For your phonics session today we would like you to tune into the Ruth Miskin phonics channel on YouTube. Here is the link:


If you are in Group A, please work on the set 2 sound videos.

If you are in Group B, please work on the Set 3 sound videos.


Please encourage your child to read the books below too! The books are labelled for each group.


You will find some high frequency word activities for your independent session today. Please help your child by explaining what they will need to do in each section (or encourage them to use their reading skills to read the instructions). 

We look forward to seeing you for today's LIVE lesson where we will begin by recapping your knowledge of comparing the length of objects and then move on to comparing the height of different objects in around the home as part of our maths unit on measurements and non-standard units of measure.


For science today, please have a look at the PowerPoint below. You will be learning about lots of different plants and flowers. We would then like you to design your own garden with different trees and plants. Please use colours to carefully decorate your garden and remember to label your plants and trees.

Think back to the hazards we identified last week and how we keep safe. Look again at the PowerPoint and then have a go at the worksheet to identify the hazards.
Story Time

Bedtime Stories | Tom Hardy | There's a Tiger in the Garden | CBeebies