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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Here is your learning for today. Along with your Maths, English and Afternoon activities, please ensure you are also reading daily and looking after your well-being through mindfulness tasks and other activities available to you on our class page 

Miss Wager


Continuing with Equivalent Fractions today. Don't forget that it's all about looking for the relationship between the numerator and denominator of the fraction itself and other fractions. Remember, it's all about knowing your tables too.

Adapted Maths

It's Tenths today. There are lots of pictorial representations on your sheet. collecting some small objects from around the house like 10 Lego bricks or 10 beads might help you with these questions as you could actually sort the objects into the fractions. Remember to watch the supporting video too, to guide you through the questions. 


In your packs you will find a Comprehension called Ninja Comprehension. These are fantastic activities as they help you to practise the key skills of comprehension with many questions of the same type. 


P.E. this afternoon is Floorwork. Remember, I am not expecting you to work through all of the colours. You need to complete each stage confidently and successfully before moving onto the next. Follow the link and scroll down for the pictures.