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Monday 1st March 2021

Here is your learning for today. Along with your Maths, English and Afternoon activities, please ensure you are also reading daily and looking after your well-being through mindfulness tasks and other activities available to you on our class page 

Miss Wager


Today in Maths we are continuing to look at improper fractions and mixed numbers. However, this time we are starting with the mixed number and turning it into an improper fraction.

For example:

1 whole and 3/4 would turn into 7/4 because we know the one whole would have 4/4 in and then adding on the 3/4 would equal 7/4 in total. 

Remember to watch the video for guidance through the questions.


Some children have asked for extension questions for today's maths work. Follow the link to Mrs Graves' page to find them. THESE QUESTIONS ARE OPTONAL.

Adapted Maths

Today you are continuing to look at equivalent fractions.


For spellings today, you are going to be looking at words ending with the suffixes -ant and -ent. This lesson also includes a test.


This week in science, we are looking at the universe - what is it and where did it come from?