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Friday 5th February 2021

Today is "express yourself" day, a day to dress up in whatever you choose to show us what you love, what your dreams are, your favourite character from a book or film OR simply your very favourite outfit.


I can't wait to see what you're all wearing on our TEAMS meeting later on today. 




In maths today, you are going to be solving problems using your multiplication skills that you've been practising this week. 



Read the questions carefully.

Underline the important words and numbers.

Choose which operations you will need for each step.

Solve each step.

Answer the question - have you actually found the answer yet or do you need to do another step?

Check your work! You could do this by estimating from the original values, or by doing inverse operations.

Adapted Maths


This week in art, we continue with our Matisse inspiration BUT we are combining it with our polar theme. Excitingly, you will be designing and preparing to make your own Matisse-style, polar-themed collage!