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Monday 1st March



Continuing with Fractions today. We are turning mixed numbers into improper fractions. Please make sure you watch the supporting video and remember how making drawings can help with visualising the question.

I have had a request for some extension questions. I have put 2 below. It is great to hear that you are enjoying fractions so much.  THESE QUESTIONS ARE OPTIONAL.


Adapted Maths


We are looking at Equivalent fractions today. I shall add the fraction wall and the multiplication grid below to help you. Think back to how we used them last week to check that we had written the correct equivalent fraction.



The second part of the lesson looking at the suffixes -ant and -ent this morning. This lesson will include a test on the words you have been looking at. 

Adapted English


Please continue with the spellings that Miss Sykes has provided in your packs.



What is the universe made from? That is question for today in Science.