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Friday 25th February


Today we will be looking at all sorts of charts. You will be reading charts and answering questions from them. You will need the worksheet for this.


Enjoy this flipbook about a superhero princess. We will be using this at a later stage for some writing.


L.O: To understand how important it is when a Muslim child is born for them to hear Adhan. 


Success Criteria

  • I can explain what Adhan is and its whispering at birth. 
  • I can write my own special whispering to a new-born baby.   

Think pair share – what do Christians do to welcome new babies into the world?


Muslims begin to welcome their babies into their faith as soon as they are born. 

Adhan is known as the first words that a baby will hear whispered to them by their Father in their right ear. 

Muslims believe that babies are born innocent and pure. The first sound to reach a baby's ear should be that ‘God is Great.’ 


Watch a clip of a Father whispering



Children create their own special whispering to say to a child that would welcome them into the world.  

Discuss what morals/ principles we believe in and would feel are important to pass on to others.