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Friday 8th January 2021

Friday 8th January 2021


Maths ONLINE Task

Today for our online Math's lesson you will need to have something to write with the activity sheet. It is your choice of whether you have the sheet printed out or just view it on a screen to be able to write your answers in a notebook/on a piece of paper. Our lesson will be focusing on the use of the 3 timetables. 

English INDEPENDENT Activity

Following on from the video of the 'Planet Unknown' your activity today is to use the freeze frame photos below to write a diary entry pretending to be one of the Space Rovers. Whether you want to choose the Blue Space Rover, or the Orange Space Rover, it is your choice. Please use the PPT attached below to support your writing, that includes all of our ideas from yesterday's online English lessons. 

Remember to use adjectives to describe as well as conjunctions to make your writing more interesting. I would also like you to try and use at least one onomatopoeia within your writing too. Examples shown below:



Joe Wicks Workout: