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Thursday 28th January 2021

Thursday 28th January 2021


Maths ONLINE Task

Today in maths we will go over yesterday’s scaling answers to ensure that we all understood and got the correct answers, or know where we made a mistake. 


Then below is attached today’s activity, or it will be in your learning pack. Today you are going to be having a times table race – a little bit like TTRockstars, we are going to be see how quickly you can finish each time table race. 


Don’t worry if you haven’t got access to a timer, I can help you do that :)


Today for English you need to watch the PowerPoint on how to use speech marks correctly. Remember there are quite a few rules to remember and you will need to remember some of them tomorrow’s for your writing. However, we have done this before in class so you should be able to remember some of the rules already!


Then please complete the worksheet on using and punctuating direct speech.


For science this week you are going to be learning about the circulatory system in our body, looking at why the heart is an important organ in our body. There are two activities to complete for today which are attached below, or in your learning packs. For activity 2 please make sure you use the support sheet!