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Tuesday 12th January



The next step with our learning on perimeter is to use square to calculate the length around the outside of the shape. This objective is a recap to work from Year 4 so you might be familiar with the idea. 

Maths - Perimeter on a Grid



For our Grammar work today we are beginning to think about relative clauses. To begin this work, we will be revising how to identify a main clause. A main clause is a clause that contains a subject and a verb. Main clauses make sense on their own. 'I like bananas. ' is a simple sentence which is made up of a main clause. The subject is bananas and the verb is like.


For page 51, underline the main clause; the part that makes sense on it's own.


Page 53 introduces relative pronouns. All relative clauses begin with a relative pronoun. Add the correct relative pronoun to the sentences. Next week we shall move on to writing some sentences with relative pronouns. 



I would like you to choose another of the tasks from Hour of Code for this afternoon. I know many of you are really enjoying these.