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Welcome to our Curriculum Page.


In this section of our website, you will find our curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact for all pupils at our school.  As well as showing our curriculum manuals for each subject, which shows how we implement the curriculum, both vertically and horizontally, this page should provide a robust guide to all teachers, teaching assistants, pupils, parents, governors, peer reviewers and inspectors on what we do not only every day, but every term and indeed, every year.


Our teachers work hard to ensure the curriculum is as stimulating and exciting as possible, so that the children enjoy learning and are inspired to become lifelong learners. We have many links with the local area as we are lucky enough to have a wealth of resources right on our doorstep and we therefore plan to continue taking the children on as many trips out of school as possible, to excite and interest them in their learning and to create a real life context to learning.


Our aim is to deliver the school curriculum in both a discrete and cross-curricular way. Within each ‘topic’, maximum opportunity will be taken to integrate cross-curricular links, with English, Maths and Science at the core. Our curriculum has been designed carefully so that the learning intent and implementation is strategically sequenced ensuring that pupils can experience a deeper level of knowledge and experience.


Hawthorn Tree School embraces children as individuals. By recognising and valuing children’s particular strengths and talents, we seek to encourage their full potential. We work hard to celebrate all successes, whenever and wherever they occur, no matter how big or small. Children are encouraged to become well-rounded and sociable. It is important to us that our children believe in themselves and are both confident and resilient. We draw upon our well-established local and school community, to enrich the curriculum and promote mutual respect and a strong moral ethos in every child.


Our curriculum is intended to serve the needs of our children and community to ensure they are able to reach their full potential socially, emotionally, educationally and creatively. We desire our children to believe in themselves and have a passion for learning, develop resilience through a curriculum that instils curiosity, develops knowledge, skills and generates connections with the areas of study, at school, in their local area, nationally and in the world; guaranteeing our children develop a greater cultural capital.


Our school sits within a geographical area ranked within the 30% most deprived areas of the UK.  28% of our children have English as an additional language, 17% have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities and 11% of our children receive support from either; counselling, mentoring, social care, or well – being. These figures fluctuate over the years. Therefore, our curriculum is tailored to meet the varied needs of our children; a personalised approach. Although this is complex and poses challenges, we have a superbly caring, dedicated and committed team to plan, deliver and assess our curriculum whilst ensuring the well – being of our children and staff.


Our broad and balanced schema has been designed by leaders and teachers. The schema ensures progression in each subject and this means when a child moves to the next year group, they are building on their previous knowledge and skills. Its intentions are to ensure there are no gaps in learning. This is the vertical accountability of our curriculum. Whilst this is pivotal, it is important that the children make relevant connections between the subjects, this is the horizontal curriculum and this enables the curriculum to inspire curiosity and interest and make connections with the world they live in.  


In order to achieve the above we have created a manual called ‘Our Formula Hawthorn Tree.’ It is designed to teach objectives, content and a passion to ensure our children are taught the knowledge and skills to be secondary school ready and succeed their aspirations. The analogy is the child is a racing driver at the centre, with each component of the racing car being the subjects of the curriculum they need to explore and master. This will enable them to win a race safely, competitively, inspirationally feeling a pride in their achievements.



We have designed a manual that delivers the national curriculum objectives, inspires interest and has been developed by senior managers, middle leaders and teachers. Every professional mind at Hawthorn Tree has a role and responsibility to guarantee that our bespoke manual is at the heart of our teaching and learning in our school.


Each subject has knowledge and skills ensuring progression. We have used the spaced learning approach to plan, revise and review the learning with our children so knowledge and skills are embedded, mastered and where necessary transferable.


Vocabulary is taught, explained and revised in order to ensure our children are not deprived of language. This enables them to develop their knowledge and access to new knowledge whatever their ability.  The approaches to teaching vocabulary and spaced learning are influenced by educational research.  In order to enhance learning further and develop a greater cultural capital, we offer significant learning experiences such as visits, residentials, and specialist visitors to the school which complement, embed and extend learning. Our curriculum has been planned carefully to incorporate kinaesthetic experiences which provide pupils with memorable learning.

Formative assessment is intrinsic to the planning and teaching of effective lessons, this informs the spaced learning process.  We ‘summatively’ assess our children three times a year and track their standardised scores. Gaps in learning are identified and provision is put in place, monitored and reassessed frequently until children have become secure in the areas identified.



Our aim is to ensure children have developed a curious way of exploring learning. They have developed a desire to learn, they have mastered core skills and are proud of their outcomes in a range of ways, be it scores, their writing, mathematical skills, their art work, music composed or competitions they have won.


We aim for an increased number of our children to be at the expected or greater standard each year. In 2019 we achieved 65% Reading, Writing and Maths combined at Key Stage 2. This is a three year high for Mathematics and Reading and an average of 76.3 % in Writing, Grammar and Punctuation. We are proud of ‘Our Formula Hawthorn Tree Manual’ and it is the beating heart of our children’s well – being and reflects the quality of education they receive with us through the primary years.

Please feel free to download our 'Curriculum Manuals' and 'Whole School Curriculum Overview' to see our curriculum in detail

If you require further information regarding the Curriculum we teach, please see your child's class teacher.