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Thursday 11th February 2021

Thursday 11th February 2021


Maths ONLINE Task

We are going to go through a selection of the word problem challenge cards related to money. Make sure you have paper with you to complete your working out. You will then be able to complete some on your own, but we will work together through the strategy to use first. 


Watch the PowerPoint on shape poems. Today you are going to create your own robot shape poem. You are going to need the outline of the robot and a blank piece of paper. Watch the film clip up to 2 mins 22 where the lady shows you how to use the shape outline as a guide to help you with your poem writing.


Today for Science you are continuing to look at the human skeleton, read the text carefully and fill in the missing gaps. Then please have a go at writing it out using your neat handwriting. There is also a skeleton cut out activity for you to have a go at, attaching the skeleton bones to each other in the correct place.