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Tuesday 9th February 2021


Please see Maths and English below as usual. However, when it comes to your afternoon session today, it is slightly different due to Safer Internet Day. Your computing session today is a BBC Live Lesson at 11am. The link and worksheet to go with the live lesson is below under the computing heading. If you miss the 11am, then it will be available shortly after on BBC iPlayer. 



The second of our recap lessons today. Hopefully, you are starting to see how important a solid knowledge of your times tables is so important. If you think you need to improve the speed of your recall of your time tables, don't forget to play TTRockstars.

Adapted Maths

Another look at dividing 2 digits by 1 digit today. Remember to use the teaching aid of drawing to help you with any calculations you wish to record as a picture that you used yesterday. You will start to see how important your times tables are when working on Division. Remember to improve the speed of your recall by playing TTRockstars.


Our last lesson on relative clauses today and it is time for you to begin writing some of your own. Use the picture on your sheet to inspire you to write sentences which include a relative pronoun and relative clause.


For example:

The farmer has a horse, whose name is Dobbin.


I would also like you to try to write some sentences with the relative clause embedded as you did last week.


For example:

The horse, whose name is Dobbin, lives in a stable. 


Be ready to share the sentences you have written during our Teams lesson.


More Safer Internet Day Resources: