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Year 5 Mrs Graves/Mr Brady

Around the World Day - Tuesday 12th July

Year 5 - Mexico - further details in the letter below.

During Arts Week, the children in Year 5 focused their work on Belton House, Grantham. We found out about the architecture of the building and about the families who have lived there. We studied some of the work of Florence Woolward and created some of our own botanical pictures from fabric.

We were inspired by the sundial in the gardens of Belton House when we created our pieces for the Art Gallery. Our symmetrical drawings of Belton House were particularly successful, with children creating some very carefully drawn pieces of art.

Maths Day

An excellent day full of Maths was had by all. The children took part in an outdoor Maths Hunt as well as trying out Maths puzzles from all corners of the globe which they found to be quite challenging. In the afternoon, Hedgehog class took part in a Happy Puzzle workshop where the worked in group to solve a variety of Maths puzzles and problems helping them to develop both their Maths knowledge and their teamwork skills. 

Homework Menu for Term 3

Please find here a copy of this terms activities to choose from for some fun home learning!

We look forward to seeing your creativity...!


Year 5 Mr Brady and Mrs Graves  Take Away Homework Menu


Spring Term 3 2022



Please choose any three activities, one from each course.






Geography Based



English Based


Science Based

Create a Food Chain based on a Polar Habitat.

Add Illustrations to make it easily understood.


The Polar Habitats have many wonderful and unique creatures. Make a list of words to describe one and use these words to

compose a poem or song.

Choose a planet in the solar system and do a painting of it trying to blend colours to make it look both attractive and realistic.

Find out about a range of Polar Creatures and create a profile on each. Include things like lifespan and diet, as well as a picture.

You could even make them as a set of

top trumps!


The Narwal is a mammal also known as the unicorn of the sea.

Write a story based on how it can to get its horn?

Build a model of the solar system by making spheres which hang in a box or are stuck on a board. Colour them the appropriate colours and place them in the right order. Think how to represent the Sun?

Find out about Global Warming and its effects on the Polar Ice Caps.

Design a poster asking for help to save these habitats

Create a slide-show using powerpoint to explain

the lives of the creatures in the Polar regions and what the threats are to their survival. 

Find out a list of facts about each of the planets in our Solar System. Place these in a table for easy comparison or make them into a set of illustrated ‘Top Trump’ style cards.

The Inuit people are famous for their igloo homes made of ice.

Build a model of one of these extraordinary dwellings.


Write a letter in the role of a polar bear to a president to try to persuade them to leave you in peace and not to explore the poles looking for oil and gas.

Find out about a constellation of stars which we can see at night. Map out the stars and name them. Add a coloured lines to join them or draw in the outline of what people think they represent.


These can be handed whenever they are ready and feedback will be given to your child.

Please continue to support your child with their spelling lists, maths homework and learning their times tables



Swimming Lessons

Our class will start swimming lessons every Friday from 7th January. Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit with them to school on the following dates:

  • 7th January
  • 14th January
  • 21st January
  • 28th January
  • 4th February
  • 11th February

Class hamper - Mystery/sensory movie night



Reading will continue to play a major role in your child’s education this year. Children are now able to use the reading scheme library once again and your child knows they should change their books when they come in first thing in the morning.

Your child needs to read as often as possible, but we would like at least 2 signatures in their reading records each week please. Reading records are collect on Wednesdays. Children with 5 or more signatures are entered into a reading raffle.


Another opportunity for finding books to read is to join Boston Library online. From the following website you can access ebooks, eaudiobooks and emagazines for free. All you need is to be a member of the library (which is free to join) and a pin number which is available from the library. This is a fantastic resource and one I use regularly myself. All the information can be found at



Your child will bring spellings home each Monday which are to be returned the following Monday ready for a test. 5 of the spellings should be chosen each week and each of them written in a complex showing an understanding of the meaning of the word. 


After the spelling test, your child will be asked to highlight any words they spelt incorrectly in their folder so they can relearn these words. 

Maths Homework


Maths Homework will be handed out on Tuesday for the following Tuesday. Maths homework includes 10 minutes of TTRockstars each week as well as questions to practise or introduce learning.

Hedgehog Class will have PE every Tuesday and Friday. 

It was wonderful to welcome everyone to Hedgehog Class today. All the children were eager to work and we are looking forward to the year ahead. We will use our class page to share all the fun things we are doing with you.