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Year 3 Miss Morris

Welcome to Otters!


Please scroll down to find out what we have been doing in class.

Important Year 3 Documents
Our Year 3 Journey : Outstanding Otters!

Year 3 Sports Day

Amazing achievements by the Year 3 - Discover Arts Awards

Some of the Otters have been writing pen pal letters to residents at The Haven, Whitehouse Lane Boston so this afternoon (Friday 9th July) we walked up and visited them. It was wonderful for the children to put a face to the name of their pen pal and get to spend the afternoon with them. It was lovely to see the children interact with the residents!

Egyptian Necklace Making

A big Thank You to Steve Hatton who created these amazing designs based on the Year 3s ideas. See how many you can spot around school and around the town centre. 

Our ‘Around the World Day’ consisted of us being dressed in the colours of China. We had the morning completing Chinese activities such as Chinese dragons and lucky penny pockets. Then in the afternoon we learnt the Mandarin numbers 1-5 to play a game with outdoors, followed by trying Chinese food such as noodles and prawn crackers. It was a faaab day, well done Otters!

Castle Silhouette Pictures

The chicks from Year 1 came to visit us in Otters. They had 9 of the 10 eggs hatch!

Our FINISHED Scarab Beetle Necklaces

Risk, Danger and Safety

For PSE today the children worked in small groups, taking turns and completing the board game. Learning about risks, dangers and how to stay safe in day to day life. They worked great in groups and was lovely to see them taking turns, seeing their excitement when they get to the end. 

Necklace Making

Today Otters worked in pairs to create their Scarab Beetle necklaces. Putting their plaiting skills into practice as well as including a wrapping technique. They all worked with their partners well and I’m more than sure that their completed necklaces will look FANTASTIC!

Our Cress Investigation

In Science, Otters have been investigating what plants need to be able to grow. From watching cress grow in various conditions (with and without water, with and without sunlight), it has enabled the children to identify clearly what all plants need to be able to grow healthily! 

Scarab Beetles

The children have recently designed their own Scarab Beetles linking with the topic of Ancient Egypt, which we are going to be continuing into next term. Today the children have chosen their ‘best’ design and made it out of clay, which are now drying waiting to be painted and decorated. 

Our painted Scarab Beetles:

A BIG WELL DONE to Thomas for achieving a Blue Peter badge!! He earnt this environment and nature badge by helping litter picking in his local area during lockdown. Amazing work Thomas, well done πŸ‘πŸΌ


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, you have all settled back into school fantastically and I am super proud of how hard you have all worked since being back at school. Therefore, make sure you recharge your batteries over the Easter break as well as spend time with you family! For those of you who like to keep yourself busy, I have attached some Easter related activities below if you wish to complete any. Feel free to bring the to school after the holidays for me to look at!


Take care, stay safe and I will see you back at school on Monday 19th April πŸ™‚ 

Receiving our Pen Pal Letters

The children who wrote their Pen Pal letters to the residents at the local care home received their replies today. It was lovely sharing and reading the replies out in class, discussing the residents interests as well as comparing their ages. 

Take A Part II Project

The Year 3’s have been taking part in an arts project which looked at their thoughts about their time during lockdown - thinking about what kept them happy. 


Please keep your eyes open in the town centre as some of their creations are going to be made into stickers which will be displayed in shop windows. Thank you to Steve Hatton who has created this still as part of the Take A Part II project. The stickers are going to look amazing! Well done Year 3!

Our Class Creation for Mrs Kadar
Red Nose Day Superheroes

Social in PE

Today in PE the children loved playing this leaping game! The hoops represented lily pads and the children had to jump/leap from one lily pad to another to get from one side of the playground to the other. However if they missed the lily pad and landed in the ‘water’ they had to restart their journey. Also, there was only allowed ONE frog on a lily pad at a time! Such a fun game that your children can play at home too to practice their jumping and landing skills. 

Making Pen Pals

Last week some of the Otters handed in their first Pen Pal letter and they have now been posted to the local care home, The Haven. They did an amazing job and are now looking forward to receiving their letter replies. 

If your child is in Otter class and wants to join in making a Pen Pal, please email me or speak to me at the end of the school day!

Cave Paintings

2021 Lockdown Home Learning

Below is the work your child is expected to complete at home each day alongside participating in the TEAMs session set each day. English and Maths are statutory for each day, as well as one foundation subject per day. 


If you are struggling to get your child to login onto the TEAMs sessions please email me on and I will guide you through how to solve any problems. 

* please do not worry about uploading completed work on Seesaw, can you please take a photo of your child’s completed work and send me it at the end of each day VIA EMAIL. Thank you!

Week 2

Week 1


I hope you all have a fabulous half term with your family, you all more than deserve a week of relaxing and enjoyment. Make sure you keep yourself safe and I will see you back online on Monday 22nd February!

It’s pack collection time again for you between 10:00 - 10:45AM on Thursday 11th February 2020. This work is for the first two weeks of next term, starting on Monday 22nd February 2020. 

Please remember to return completed work up to date so it can be checked by myself, even if you have sent emails showing completed work I still want this handing in to the office please. 

Week 6

WELL DONE on winning the battle Otters! πŸ‘πŸ»

Week 5

Please remember to collect your Week 5 and 6 Home Learning Packs up from the school office between 10:00 - 10:45am on Thursday 28th January 2021. Also can you please make sure you return your child's work that they have completed over the past 4 weeks - even if you have emailed photos of this. Thank you!

Week 4

Week 3

Collection of the Week 3 and 4 Home Learning Pack for Year 3 is between 11:00 - 11:45am on Thursday 14th January 2021. If you can please ALL collect a pack from the school office as it will have your indidivudal Real PE logins in for you to complete twice a week, further information on this will be given. When you come to collect this pack please can you hand in your Week 1 and 2 work whether you collected the pack from school or not, this will give me chance to look over the work you have completed. Thank you!

Here are some of our robot creations after today’s English lesson, amazing work to you all!


if you wish to email me your creations to share with you friends, then please feel free πŸ™‚

Week 2

Week 1

Imogen’s Robot Creation

Still image for this video

The Worry Monster of the Otter Class

(Thank you Mrs Gilby!)

Eric Joyner

Today in Art we have started to look at our first artist who focuses on drawing and painting robots. The children have begun to build up their art page related to Eric, developing their sketching skills from Term 1. 



Thank you for a fabulous day today (Wednesday), celebrating for Christmas. Our Christmas party today was lovely, thank you! I hope you all get some lovely gifts from Santa and your family this year, you all definitely deserve it from all the hard work you have put into your learning through Autumn Term! Also, a BIG thank you from Mrs Stevenson and I for all the lovely cards, gifts and Christmas wishes, it really is appreciated. Thank you!

If you have any spare time over Christmas and want to keep yourself busy, here are some ideas:


  • Watch a Christmas film (or two, or three), with popcorn of course!
  • Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas with your family
  • Do some Christmas baking

Boston Blossom Workshop

Today the children participated in their second workshop with Emily. Today the children had to use their flower silhouettes created last week, casting a shadow onto a piece of card using a torch and carefully drawing round the shadow. Once they had worked with their partner to create various sized shadows of flowers and leaves, they continued to add other simple drawings to their art work related to nature. To finish their art work off they then had to paint each drawing in black to represent a silhouette. 

Santa Dash

Ministry of Chocolate Workshop

Today we have had the pleasure of Carl visiting from the Ministry of Chocolate to train us to be Level 10 Chocolatists! The children had the chance to learn all of the different stages and processes used to make chocolate, all the way from bean to bar. As well as having the opportunity to try different types of chocolate and creating their own chocolate using a variety of ingredients such as rainbow drops, toffee, marshmallows, dried fruit etc.

It was fantastic seeing the children engaged all the way throughout the session and happy to answer questions and ask questions too! Remember Otters, PAPAPA! - ‘The best of the best’


Still image for this video

French Snowmen

To practice our body parts in French we decided to build a snowman and sing the French version of ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, video linked below - nothing better than making French Christmasy!

Boston Blossom Workshop

Today we have completed our first workshop where we had to create a collage related to flowers and leaves, using a variety of different materials. 

We have then placed our creations on top of UV sensitive paper, leaving these on the window sill. After a couple of days we are hoping that our creations will have created a silhouette/shadow onto the UV sensitive paper (photos to follow)

Christmas Lunch
YES! Well done Otter Class, we have got the highest earning coins this week!


How amazing do the Otters class look! Cannot believe how many Oompa Loompa’s we managed to have altogether, celebrating our topics Roald Dahl and Chocolate! A big thank you to parents for making this happen, it has been a fabulous day!

Teams Trail Session
A BIG thank you to those of you who were able to join tonight for our Teams Meeting, you all did a great job completing the Chocolate Bar Quiz!!


Please let me know if you tried to join the Teams Meeting but was unsuccessful as I can try and solve any problems for you ready for next time!

The Christmas madness has begun in the Otter class!!
TTRockstar Winners
Well done to this weeks winners from the Otter Class! Now to keep it up for the rest of term, WE CAN DO THIS 🀞🏻

Children in Need Day!

Soup Tasting
Today in DT we have started our topic of Soup, relating to Healthy Eating. The children had the opportunity to taste five different soups, rating their appearance, texture, smell and taste. It was great to see their reactions while tasting them, especially when trying the mushroom flavour!!
Boston Lantern Trail
Here are some lanterns that some of Otter class have made ready for the Boston Lantern Trial. 
Counting in French
Today in French we have been consolidating our understanding of counting from 0 to 10, as well as beginning to practice saying the days of the week. 

In English this term we are looking at EVERYTHING Chocolate. We have looked at the history of chocolate, how and who invented it as well as how it’s taste has changed over time. 


Today in English we have looked at, discussed and written about the process of Bean to Bar, from how a cacao bean is harvested to when bars are sold in shops. 

A big WELL DONE to Otter Class for returning the most lockdown work for Lower KS2. We have been lucky enough to enjoy a film this afternoon and popcorn, thank you Mrs Kadar!



Well done for working hard through our two weeks of lockdown at home, you have all done an amazing job! It was lovely to catch up with some of you today over our Teams meeting. I hope you all have a wonderful half term holiday! See you all when we return to school on Monday 2nd November, take care ☺️

Today would have been our OOMPA LOOMPA day, so here are some Oompa Loompa creations completed by Otters! (please email me your creations and I'll add them for your friends to see)

CONGRATULATIONS Otters for beating Owlets in the TTRockstar Battle! A big thank you to all of you who competed in our battle, certificates for the top three participators will be given out when we return to school!


Lockdown Lessons
During your time at home if you as a parent/carer or your child has any questions regarding school and their learning please do not hesitate to e-mail me during school hours on: Please make sure you’re keeping yourselves all safe at home and we WILL be back together again soon. Making sure we have our Oompa Loompa day next term of course!


Please make sure you are reading as often as you can, whether you are reading books online, comics, magazines, recipes etc. Everything counts! Sharing a book is really important. You could show your parents how we echo read - when I read it, then you read it or when I read it and miss out a word and you have to follow and read in the right word. 


Please also continue using TTRockstars to practice your timestables, as well as Hit the Button to practice number bonds, division facts etc.

Activities to keep you going!

(scroll down for day to day activities)

If you click on the 'Sport' link below, Mrs Ingamells has kindly added some at home PE activities for you to try out. Enjoy!!
Working from home is likely to mean more time spent on computers, tablets and the internet. Therefore it is incredibly important to ensure you are being safe whilst you are online. Please take some time to look at, and complete, the slides and activities below to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe!

Week 2 Home Learning

Monday 19th October

Remember to continue our TTRockstar Battle, you have until 4PM on Wednesday to battle with Owlets! 


In maths this week we are continuing with addition and subtraction. Remember to use the videos to support your learning!


Please get your adult to test you on a selection of spellings from previous weeks and see wether you are still able to remember how to spell those chosen words. Choose 10 words of your choice, or more if you wish! Then again, please feel free to send me a photo of your scores.


Once you have had a revision spelling test there are then some worksheets below containing misspelt words, I want to see whether you can correct them!! If you need to double check your answers, see whether you are able to use a dictionary to do so.


Have a listen to the two french videos below, recapping our previous learning on counting to 10 and colours.

Can you remember when the cat sank? (haha!!)

Counting to 10


Tuesday 20th October


More work on conjunctions this week. Use your knowledge from last week to help you to complete the worksheet and write your own sentences.

Wednesday 21st October



Look at the play script from ‘The Twits’. You can work with your family members to read it, perhaps take on different roles. Watch the PowerPoint on features of a play script, then complete the attached worksheet. 

Thursday 21st October


We will be using this White Rose worksheet during in our Teams Lesson at 12 o'clock, but please feel free to have a sneaky look at this before hand. Also, I have attached addition and subtraction 'warm up' activities incase you wish to print these off or write them down ready for when we complete our online lesson. Look forward to seeing you all!


Use your knowledge of George's Marvellous Medicine to write your own version in a play form. You many just decide to use one chapter. Make sure you think carefully about how it is set out, you can use the sheet attached below or feel free to write it out yourself or use the computer to type it up!


Today would have been our Oompa Loompa day so I am giving you the mission of creating your own Oompa Loompa, whether that is through drawing, painting, building, baking etc. Please email me over photos and I will share them on our class page for all our friends to see. I look forward to seeing your creations!!


Week 1 Home Learning

Monday 12th October


Addition of 3-digit number and a 1-digit number, involving carring of tens. We have started to practice this in class so your child should understand it, or a little atleast. Below is a Powerpoint which will guide them through the activities attached.


For today's spellings please get an adult to test you on your spellings, feel free to send me a photo via email of your results. Then please have a go at finding the Year 3/4 statutory words in these wordsearches.

Tuesday 13th October


Today you are going to continue adding a 1-digit to a 3-digit, remembering to carry over into the tens!


  • Watch the clip on how to use bullet points - using the BBC Bitesize Link below. See if you can find some examples in your home where bullet points have been used. 
  • Watch the clip on George's Marvellous Medicine Chapter 7 (using the Youtube link below). Use your knowledge of bullet points to list all the things that happen to Grandma once she has had the medicine.


Start with these, then continue your list:

  • Her body started to whoosh into the air.
  • Up she went like a jack-in-the-box.

You can write the list in pencil on paper or could type it and print it, or email it to me on my email at the top of our class page. 

TTRockstar Battle is ABOUT TO BEGIN!



Calling ALL Year 3 pupils! Battle of the Bands is about to begin!

Otters v Owlets


Wednesday 14th October - Wednesday 21st October 2020

Take part between: 09:00 - 16:00 each day!


You will need your TT Rock Stars username and password to play - remember these are stuck in the front of your reading record book! Let the battle commence! We can win this OTTERS!

Wednesday 14th October



Read the text on Roald Dahl and complete the comprehension questions, remembering to write your answers in FULL sentences. Email me a photo of your answers and I’ll happily check them for you!


Read through the 'police sample report' and then use the worksheet to look at what features are in a report and complete the sheet. This will be used tomorrow so make sure you have this work and your bullet point work from Tuesday on Thursday to help you with your writing.


Here are some revision activities on Forces and Magnets. This is all information that you will have previously learnt in the classroom, so see whether you can remember what we have learnt and complete these activities! Below are some links to related videos:

Thursday 15th October



Complete the worksheet below on using conjunctions, have a think to yourself first - what is a conjunction? Why do we use conjunctions?


Watch clip on how to write a report -


Use your bullet point work from Tuesday to write a report about what happened to Grandma, there is a template below for you to use if you wish. Also please use the vocabulary sheet below for time and cause words to help you join your sentences. Remember to think carefully about where you need capital letters and full stops.

Mrs Cooper has kindly put together a music video for us, please have a watch using the link below and try your best to join in!


She has also put together a Djembe video for you to have a go at at home:

Friday 16th October



Start to plan a day trip for George and Grandma.  Complete Part A and Part B. Be inventive and enjoy it!


Here are some activities related to our current Geography unit of Europe. See whether you can locate the countries on the map WITHOUT an atlas or any adult help and then double check your answers. I have also attached a reading comprehension related to Europe's Famous Landmarks - remember to send me a picture via email of your answers :)


Today we have been wearing yellow to support Young Minds! The children all looked fabulous in yellow, especially while having their photo taken using the #helloyellow props. 

A BIG well done to Nicole for getting the biggest increase in coins this week on TTRockstars!!

In English today we have been looking at using prefixes. We learnt this by playing a game, sorting out which prefix would fit best with the root word. This skill will help your child complete their English homework this week.


E.g mis + behave = misbehave

     un + able = unable

     dis + appear = disappear

Last week in English we started looking at the Roald Dahl story George’s Marvellous Medicine. We began by building descriptions of both Grandma and George, discussing the characters appearances, motions and feelings etc. The children came up with some brilliant words to describe both of the characters! 

After discussing how grumpy, grizzly and grouchy George’s Grandma was, we decided it would be a great idea to create our own potions to feed to Grandma. So the children came up with their own weird and wonderful ingredients and then wrote their own instructions of how to make the potion. Remembering to use command words (imperative verbs) to begin each instruction!

Today in art we have been using primary colours to decorate dream jars from the story of The BFG, linking to our English topic of Roald Dahl. The children had to carefully draw their initial on their jar, then had to paint neat bold lines using the primary colour paints. 
In Geography this term we are focusing on the continent of Europe. We have looked at what Europe is, the countries that are in Europe and their Capital Cities. So this week have chosen a selection of European countries and produced information posters on those countries. Here are some fabulous examples:
Below I have attached the Science Knowledge Organiser we will be using in Science this term. It gives your child some fantastic pieces of information regarding what we will be learning this term which is Forces and Magnets.

A great first full week we have had Otters! 

Here’s some of our English work from over the week. We have been looking at the biography of Roald Dahl and some ‘fun’ facts about him. The children are now showing confidence in talking about Roald Dahl and applying their knowledge in their work.

In Art this term we are focusing on Quentin Blake who is the illustrator of the Roald Dahl books and linking this in with painting and mixing of colours. 

Today we experimented how to get from primary colours to secondary colours to tertiary colours. The children were fantastic at this, trying their hardest to keep control of their paintbrush and staying in the lines! 

Otters continued to develop their place value knowledge in maths today. Continuing to partition three-digit numbers and then independently writing an addition sentence to match their chosen number. 

They all did a fantastic job at this. Their next step is to complete related reasoning and problem solving questions using their partitioning skills!

Today in class we have started looking at partitioning three-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We began using dines equipment and then moved onto using partitioning cards. All of the children used this Maths equipment with confidence and showed great prior knowledge on partitioning. 

Welcome to Otters!


Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the day we are all going to be heading back to school and I know that every one of you will have had a different few weeks and months than normal, each displaying all different kinds emotions but Mrs Stevenson and I are looking forward to seeing you all bright and early ready for our first day as the ‘Otter Class!’


Our main focus for the first few days is to make sure that everyone is settled back in, getting to know their new surroundings and getting used to the new systems put in place due to Covid. Of course we also want the children to catch up with friends and get to know both Mrs Stevenson and myself, if they don’t already!

A curriculum newsletter will be heading home this first week, however I will also touch on a few things below:

  • Spellings & English Homework - Mondays
  • PE - Wednesday and Fridays. Both sessions will be outdoors due to the Government guidelines so please ensure your child’s kit is suitable for outdoor weathers. 
  • Maths Homework - Fridays
  • Reading to an adult at home. Books to be handed in on a Wednesday and will be handed back out on a Friday.


Please if you have any questions or wish to talk to myself or Mrs Stevenson, can you contact the office to arrange a telephone appointment. We are unable to talk face-to-face due to Government guidelines. 


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