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Year 3/4 Finish Second in Athletics Competition

Congratulations to our Years 3 and 4 Athletics team for finishing in 2nd place at the Boston & District Schools Sports Partnership competition on Friday 10th January.


Sports Report -

Isla and Connie were the media team for the Athletics competition. When we got to Peter Paine Sports Centre, we got given green bibs. So we're the green team. After that we did a warm-up with most athletics skills in it. The athletics competition events were a variety of track and field events including:

  • Obstacle and over/under and hurdles races, single and double track relays as well as team relays at the end
  • Long jump, speed bounce, chest push, 5 strides and vertical jumps and also javelin


If someone did well in our team they felt very proud and the rest of team was very grateful to them for helping our team score.

Everybody had at least 2, 3 or 4 events. Everybody practiced after school with Mrs Ingamells and Mrs Rodgers so they knew what to do and were confident!

We had 3 races left. After the three races we got in lines of boys and girls and the host announced the results.

We want to congratulate the team because their hard work and great spirit to do well meant they came second bringing home silver medals and a trophy.



"We are surprised we came second in our race and feel very good about it" Alfie and Charlie


"We feel very good and surprised. We were determined to win"  Jaxon and Tory


"I've done the over and under and chest push and am happy to be at the competition!" Nicole