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Year 6 Mrs Brennan

Week Beginning 29th June 2020.


Please find this week's timetable for BBC Bitesize and White Rose learning videos and worksheets. This week's lesson focus is ratio.

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Picture 2

This week on BBC Bitesize

This week on BBC Bitesize 1

Geography with Sir David Attenborough

Geography with Sir David Attenborough  1

This week on BBC Bitesize

 This week on BBC Bitesize 1

Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Oak National Academy 

Black Lives Matter Lesson


A visit to the key topic of Black Lives Matter given the recent case of George Floyd. The lesson is around creating hope for the future – a future that is not based on the colour of someone's skin but the content of their character. A national push for an Oak Tree of Hope will be shared, where we all share a hope using #Iamhopefulfor and attach it to a tree as a symbol of the diversity of our society.


BBC Bitesize


White Rose Maths focusses on area and perimeter this week. You can join in these lessons using BBC Bitesize or White Rose Hub. Links and worksheets below.

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Week Beginning Monday 15th June 2020 

BBC Bitesize:


I really recommend looking at BBC Bitesize this week some fantastic lessons on here. We are starting to look at The Vikings in school this week. I will also post some Viking art challenges on Seesaw this week.

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How to draw Viking knots.

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Some fantastic videos and resources explaining Algebra on BBC Bitesize and White Rose Home Learning this week. See links below. 

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Picture 2
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Half Term Activities.

50 Books! Well Done Everyone!

50 Books! Well Done Everyone! 1

Message from Mrs Brennan (sent on 14th May on Seesaw)


This week  I have been speaking to your Secondary Schools about your transition. I just wanted to let you know that we have spoken to them about each and everyone of you, about you as a person, as well as you as a learner. Working together means that we can help to make your transition as smooth as possible even though we are unsure as to what this will look like at the moment. They are keen to meet you all and I can honestly say they have been amazing in making sure that they do what is best for all of you.

So, please don't worry, your Secondary Schools have been amazing!

Mrs Brennan

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize 1


Good Morning Year 6!

This week would have been your SATs week. It would have been a week of anxieties and worries, but also it would have been a week where you would have done your best, smiled, partied and given 100%. I know each and everyone of you would have smashed it! I am immensely proud of you all, of how hard you have all worked and are continuing to do so. So proud to have been your teacher for two years - or longer! So... this week, stop and think of how far you've come, how much you have learned and how you have grown and give yourselves a huge pat on the back and tell yourselves you are awesome!

Well Done - be proud of yourselves - I know I am!

Have a great week, Mrs Brennan

VE Day Celebrations

VE Day Celebrations 1
VE Day Celebrations 2

VE Day Pictures

Why not recreate this iconic image from the Blitz.

Why not recreate this iconic image from the Blitz. 1
Why not recreate this iconic image from the Blitz. 2

Activities including bunting, Union Jack flags, VE Day challenge, War time recipes, window poster and soldier silhouettes.


Kahoot! 1

Boom Cards

Boom Cards 1
Boom Cards 2
Boom Cards 3
Boom Cards 4

Behind the Scenes.

Still image for this video
These are the out-takes from Mr Kelwick's brilliant video. For those of you who do not know, Gucci the cat walked in through our back door just over a year ago. No one has claimed her and she is now part of our family!

Daily Lessons

Daily Lessons  1
Daily Lessons  2
Daily Lessons  3
Daily Lessons  4


Geogglebox 1

The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown


Completely free for all children and families, the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon, Jacqueline Wilson – and Katherine herself.


The collection, published by Bloomsbury, is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals.

The Book of Hopes

The Book of Hopes 1

Leiton's News

Still image for this video
Leiton shared the news with us this morning. Enjoyed it so much, thank you for sharing!

Part Two!

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Congratulations for achieving your first badge. Well done!

Congratulations for achieving your first badge. Well done! 1

Our Disney potato characters!

Scott's Lego Rocket.

Scott's Lego Rocket. 1

Jenson's Lego Models.

Skye's camera Obscura

Skye's camera Obscura 1

More links for Home Learning.


Here is a round-up of links for websites and activities that have recently been posted on our Seesaw pages.

Welcome Back!

We hope you that you are all safe and well. Learning packs will be available for collection today from school. Please ensure that your child completes one Maths and one English activity daily and that they continue to read daily.


Daily activities are posted on Seesaw and it has been lovely to hear from you all. These activities are not compulsory, however it is worth checking your Seesaw account as useful websites and links are also posted on here. Parents who are having trouble logging onto activities please message me through Seesaw.


As you may know, BBC Bitesize are scheduling daily home learning activities which can be accessed through the link.


Thank you for your continued hard work and for continuing to support your children's learning at home.


Take Care,


Mrs Brennan

Sunshine News


Good Afternoon, 


We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine. 

Over the past few weeks we have been hearing about some awful

news relating to Covid-19.

However, some of our Year 6 pupils have been researching about positive news stories from around the globe; stories that we’re not necessarily hearing about on the news during lockdown. 

Our Year 6 pupils have started to create their own news reports about these global news stories called Sunshine News. 

If you wish to view these news reports, and we strongly suggest that you do, then please follow the link to our Video Research Centre below.


Keep them coming girls, you’re doing an excellent job in what is already such a difficult time! 

Your news reports have definitely put a smile onto our faces during such a difficult time, we hope they put a smile on your face too. 


Many Thanks, 

Year 6 Team 

Year 6 Classwork.

Dear Parents and Carers,


We appreciate your patience as we organise and manage our distance learning for your children. These are indeed unusual times for us all and we all have questions and concerns that we may not have the answers to at the moment. Your child will be bringing home a learning wallet containing spelling, grammar, reading and maths activities. We do expect the children to complete at least one English and Maths activity daily. In addition to this, please encourage your children to read as much as possible, this could include reading to other family members and friends. 


Please keep up to date with our class page as we will be posting more information here regularly. Our Seesaw page will also remain open and parents and children are welcome to message me directly. I have enclosed sign in sheets for those not currently subscribed. TT Rockstar logins are glued onto children's folders as this remains part of our homework policy.


Thank you for your support and understanding,


Year Six Team


Welcome to Owl Class.

We hope you enjoyed the summer break; it's great to be back. I am delighted to have the privilege of teaching so many of you again in your final year here at Hawthorn Tree. Our journey together in Y6 will be filled with challenges, but it will also be filled with discovery, amazing learning experiences, new roles and responsibilities, growing independence and equally importantly- enjoyment and laughter.


This is the year of reading; challenges have been set and reading will be celebrated throughout the school. Please support your child's reading by hearing them read at least twice a week, we have some fantastic Y6 texts to read this year beginning with Goodnight Mr Tom.


We have had a great first week back in the classroom, the children have been writing their School Council speeches and having read them I know that the teachers are going to find it very difficult to vote this year! 


Our Maths this week has focussed on Place Value and Comparing and Ordering numbers. The children have completed a range of activities and have enjoyed building on their resilience through some tricky problem solving questions.


Congratulations to Jenson for being awarded our Class Certificate this week for his great start to Year 6 and for being a bit of a hero.


Fundraising for our London trip will continue throughout the year with groups of children each taking turns, approximately one fundraising activity per month. Mrs Brennan has promised to provide cakes for the children to sell at each fund raising event - because who doesn't love cake!


Please do come and speak to us if you have any questions or concerns about your child. We are available briefly at the start of the school day and most evenings after school. If your child is struggling with homework, they are welcome to come and see Mrs Brennan BEFORE their homework is due in, this means we can go over the homework together in enough time.


Please keep checking out our class page for important updates and snapshots of our learning.



Geograpphy - Brilliant Biomes!

We created some brilliant work on biomes this week. I think you'll agree the children's work has created a fantastic display. The children wrote about how the world is divided into lots of different biomes and how these differ depending on their climate. They were able to choose from desert, aquatic, rainforest, tundra, forest and grasslands.



Geography- Brilliant Biomes

Dance Workshop


Fantastic workshop this afternoon to celebrate World Book Day. The children, together with West End Dance, choreographed a series of still and moving pictures around the novel Coraline written by Neil Gaiman. The story follows a young girl , Coraline, after she moves into a mysterious old house with her parents. She explores the garden and meets the other inhabitants of the building: retired actresses Miss Spink and Miss Forcible who live in the flat below, and a strange old man who claims to be training a mouse circus in the flat above. What a tale...


The children thoroughly enjoyed their session and were engaged from start to finish.

West End Dance Workshop World Book Day 2020

Vera's Journey


This afternoon, Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to receive an educational lesson from Sharon Sipple who works in partnership with the Holocaust Education Trust.

Building on our prior knowledge of WW2 and The Holocaust, Sharon delivered a lesson about the largest organised response to the refugee crisis – the Kindertransport programme – through the experiences of one Czech Jewish girl.


Vera's Journey follows the life of Vera, a young Jewish girl, who became one of thousands of young children who were brought to Britain during WW2 on the Kindertransport. The Kindertransport enabled Britain to take pride in the fact that it opened its doors to save the most helpless of Hitler’s potential victims.


Thank you Sharon for sharing this inspiring story with us. 

Vera's Journey - Friday 24th January 2020



Well done to Year 6 for completing our unit on percentages. We used the bar model to help us calculate percentages of amounts.  We then moved onto calculating the percentage increase and decrease of amounts. 

Percentages using the Bar Model.

Science - How are nutrients and water transported around the body?


We have been designing posters to explain how water and essential nutrients are transported around the body. Next week we will present our posters - watch this space for more photos next week.

Science Posters.

London 2020

Fund-raising for London 2020


A massive thank you and well done to Katie, Bailey and Leiton who have shown their amazing enterprise skills by creating Harry Potter themed gifts for their classmates to purchase. All money raised will be put towards our London trip in 2020. 

V.E. Day Celebration.



Well done to the children in Year 6 who dressed up for our V.E. Day themed Christmas party. We celebrated the end of our W.W.2 topic with our very own street party. Morning preparations included the children baking Rock Cakes - a popular treat made during rationing- followed by our class party. Thank you to all of the parents for your kind contributions. I have really enjoyed this term's topic, but I am also looking forward to our next topic - The Titanic!

V.E. Day Celebrations.

Science Investigation


A great afternoon investigating what happens to a bulb when we increase or decrease the voltage in a circuit. 

Science Investigation

Christmas Lunch 2019.

Fantastic Lantern Making Workshop.


Year 6 have had an amazing day working with two artists to create our lanterns ready for the Illumination procession on Thursday 21st November. The children worked hard all day to produce their lanterns using skills such as: bending willow sticks to make the main body and tail, attaching light circuits inside the shell and then covering their finished fish lanterns with tissue paper and decorating them. Well done everyone for such a great day. Can't wait for the procession which celebrates 400 years of local history.

Illuminate lantern workshop.

Congratulations Jayden and Jacob £90.30 for Help the Heroes!

Congratulations Jayden and Jacob £90.30 for Help the Heroes! 1

Creating information posters to aid their group presentations on light and light sources.

Creating information posters to aid their group presentations on light and light sources. 1
Creating information posters to aid their group presentations on light and light sources. 2
Creating information posters to aid their group presentations on light and light sources. 3
Creating information posters to aid their group presentations on light and light sources. 4

Congratulations to Jenson who has been awarded the first Headteacher award for being an outstanding citizen and a great ambassador for Hawthorn Tree School.

Congratulations to Jenson who has been awarded the first Headteacher award for being an outstanding citizen  and a great ambassador for Hawthorn Tree School. 1

Another great week in Year 6 this week, your mature attitude toward your tests was admirable - I am proud of you all.


Well done to Jayden who was awarded our class certificate this week for being a fantastic role model in PE on Thursday with Miss Neal.


Please check the homework timetable on this page to check when homework needs to be submitted.

Enjoy the fantastic weather this week-end and remember to have a well earned rest Year 6.




Congratulations to all the students who read their School Council speeches on Monday. You all spoke clearly and delivered your ideas well. Announcements will be made soon.


Congratulations also to Mia who won this week's Good Work certificate for her letter home from an evacuee.  Well done Mia.



Making periscopes for our topic on Light.

Making periscopes for our topic on Light. 1
  • World War 2 - Gas Mask 


    This term, Year 6 have been working really hard, learning all about WW2. In our DT unit, we have been looking at wartime gas mask and why they were so important during WW2.


    We found out that during WW2, everybody was issued with a gas mask to protect them in the event of a gas bomb being dropped during an air raid. Luckily, there was never any need for a gas mask to be used properly. It was essential that everybody carried their gas mask at all times wherever they went and you would be fined if you were caught without it. Posters were also displayed everywhere to remind people to carry their gas masks at all times.


    Throughout the term, we have been researching about wartime gas masks, creating our own research questions, asked our peers about the design of a gas mask they would like, created a detailed product design, which shows us the steps we needed to take to be able to make our own gas mask, constructing our own wartime gas mask, before we write a detailed evaluation about our finished product.


    This topic also fits in with our English topic, Goodnight Mister Tom, which follows the journey of a young boy from London, William Beech, as he is evacuated to the countryside. William also had a gas mask which he carried with him everywhere he went.


    Our gas mask were constructed using, paper, cardboard and we used plastic for the eye holes.


    A GREAT effort Year 6 - Well done!



Help for Heroes


Congratulations to Jayden and Jacob for raising an amazing £90.30 for Help the Heroes 2019. The children held a bake sale (fantastic baking skills Jacob) and Guess the Sweets in the Jar. The children used their own play times and lunch times to advertise, plan and make the posters and bunting in preparation for the sale. Thank you to all the parents and pupils who supported Jayden and Jacob in their fund raising. Well done! smiley