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Year 6 Mr Jaques

Welcome to Falcons Class


Mrs Blakeborough, Mrs Avison and I would like to welcome you to our class page. It is a pleasure to work alongside your child - we are all excited for the year ahead. 


Throughout the year, we will all be facing lots of different and exciting challenges which we are going to tackle together as a team, working together and supporting each other. There will also be lots of exciting roles and responsibilities for your child to become involved within, allowing us to grow in confidence, independence, resilience and more importantly, allow for us to be immersed in fun and develop our love for learning. 


Each week, your child will be set homework which links in with the learning taking place within the classroom. We encourage you to support your child with the tasks which have been set, alongside listening to your child read at least twice a week. 


Throughout the year, different reading challenges will be set and reading will be celebrated throughout the school. We have some fantastic Y6 texts to read this year beginning with Goodnight Mister Tom in support of our English and History lessons. 


Please don't hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions or concerns about your child. If your child is struggling with homework, then please encourage them to come and speak to myself, Mrs Blakeborough or Mrs Avison BEFORE their homework is due in, this means we can go over the homework together in enough time.


Please keep browsing our class page for important updates, homework timetables, curriculum newsletters and more importantly, the children's learning. 


Many Thanks, 

Mr Jaques 

Opening Evening - 'See Where We Learn'


Thank you to all who attended our open evening, last night (8/10/19). It was nice to finally meet and talk to so many of you. It was a pleasure to welcome you into our classroom to see our learning environment and allow for you to have the opportunity to see your child's hard work that they have completed since September. It was nice to listen to the children explain to you about their learning so positively. 


Again, if you have any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Many Thanks, 

Mr Jaques


Week 6 - Addition and Subtraction


Our focus in maths, over the past few weeks, has been addition and subtraction. In yesterday's lesson (30/9/19), we were using different representations to solve missing number problems. 

The children worked really hard to find missing numbers by drawing either a bar model or part whole model, before using the inverse operation to help them calculate the missing number from the original question. 

Well done Year 6!





MacMillan Coffee Morning


Firstly, I would just like to thank all the children and adults who very kindly baked and bought delicious cookies, cakes and edible sweet treats, in support of MacMillan Coffee Morning, on Thursday 26th September. 

Throughout the morning, Falcons Class had the opportunity to colour in pictures of cakes, design their own cupcake and take part in a baking quiz.

It was lovely to see so many supporting this very worthwhile charity - Thank you for your continuing support.

(The overall total amount raised will be shared on the school's social media pages shortly) 


Mrs Blakeborough first in the queue to purchase her delicious sweet treat.

Working Periscopes


This week in science, we have been learning about how light travels in a straight line and how the light rays reflect off of different objects, enabling us to see. 

Throughout the lesson, we found out that a reflection allows for us to see around or over other objects e.g. a wall, and that a periscope allows for us to be able to do this. 

We worked in smalls groups and used cereal boxes, detailed templates and mirrors to create our own working periscopes however, the task was more challenging than it sounds. Firstly, we had to create a list of our own instructions on how to make the periscope, before using these instructions (hopefully instructions which were accurate) to create a working model.


Take a look at our pictures below to see how we got on!




School Council Speeches


We have been absolutely blown away by the quality of School Council speeches this year! 

Yesterday, (11/9/19) Falcons presented their speeches to KS2 in the hall. It has been such a difficult decision for the staff to choose just 6 children to represent the class for School Council. We are awaiting the speeches and results from Mrs Brennan's class, before the results can be announced. 

We are so pleased with all of the children as they have worked their socks off to produce such amazing speeches and with this alone, the children should already be proud of their achievements. 

Keep up the hard work Falcons!

Well done and best of luck to you all.

Summer Homework Projects


We have received some fantastic homework since returning to school in September. The children have worked extremely hard over the summer researching about how Boston was affected during WW2. We have received amazing fact files, posters, scrapbooks, interviews with grandparents and even Lego models. The children should be incredibly proud of themselves for the hard work and commitment to their summer homework project - well done Falcons!



Number and Place Value Lessons - Week 1

A great first maths lesson in Year 6 recognising numbers up to 10,000,000. Throughout the lesson, all children were enthusiastic with their learning. Well done Year 6! Here you can see us using Place Value mats and counters to recognise numbers up to 10,000,000.

Picture 1
Picture 2