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Year 6 Mr Jaques

Welcome to Falcon Class


Mrs Blakeborough, Mrs Smith, Miss Nixon and I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Year 6 and to our class page.

Britain Declares War!


This afternoon, Wednesday 8th September, Year 6 learned about the outbreak of World War 2 and reasons for why it started. The children created timelines of events leading up to the war, used maps to identify which countries were involved and found out about who their leaders were. 


For almost six years, from 1939 to 1945, Britain fought the toughest war it had ever experienced. World War II was total war - every person, every business, every service was involved.


Britain did not fight alone, the war also involved many countries. World War II involved 61 countries with 1.7 billion people (three quarters of the world's population).

Fifty million people lost their lives and hundreds of millions people were injured.


In 1933 the German people voted for a leader named Adolf Hitler, who led a political party in Germany, called the National Socialists or Nazis. Hitler promised to make his country great again and quickly began to arm Germany again and to seize land from other countries.

Shortly before 5am on Friday 1st September, 1939, German forces stormed the Polish frontier. Tanks and motorised troops raced into the country over ground, supported by Stuka dive bombers overhead. A total of 1.25 million Germans soldiers swept into Poland.


World War Two in Europe began on 3rd September 1939, when the Prime Minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany.

Welcome to Falcon Class


Mrs Blakeborough, Mrs Smith, Miss Nixon and I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Year 6 and to our class page.


Throughout the course of the year, there will be lots of different and exciting challenges which we are going to tackle together as a team, working together and supporting each other. There will also be lots of exciting roles and responsibilities for your child to become involved within, allowing us to grow in confidence, independence, and resilience and more importantly, allow for us to be immersed in fun and develop our love for learning. These include roles in our School Council and Playground Leaders.


Each week, your child will be set homework which links in with the learning taking place within the classroom that week. We encourage you to support your child with the tasks which have been set, alongside listening to your child read at least twice a week – our homework timetable can be found at the bottom of this page.


Throughout the year, different reading challenges will be set and reading will be celebrated throughout the school. We also have a class reading challenge, where the children can receive raffle tickets for the number of times they read to an adult each week. These tickets will then be entered into a raffle, where you child could win a gift voucher for Boston, West End Cinema.


We also have some fantastic Year 6 texts to read this year including: Anne Frank’s Diary, The Titanic Detective Agency, Hidden Figures and not forgetting our first text of Goodnight Mister Tom in support of our English and History lessons for Term 1. 


If you do have any concerns or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us (preferably by phone or email) before or after the school day.


If your child is struggling with homework, then please encourage them to come and speak to myself, Mrs Blakeborough, Mrs Smith or Miss Nixon BEFORE their homework is due in, this means we can go over the homework together in enough time.


On a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Blakeborough will be teaching R.E. to our Year 6 pupils and they will also be able to enjoy exciting music lessons from Lincolnshire Music Service - the children really enjoy these hands on sessions. 


Please keep browsing our class page for important updates, homework timetables, knowledge organisers, curriculum newsletters and more importantly, the children's learning – these can all be found at the bottom of our class page.


We hope you enjoy browsing our page and we look forward to working with you closely this academic year.


Many Thanks, 

Mr Jaques