Non-uniform day this Friday 20th May, please bring something in for the class hamper. / We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Year 5 Miss Wager


We are the Year 5 Squirrels class and here you will see what we have been up to in our class this year.

I am Miss Wager, the class teacher, and Mrs Maxwell and Mrs Jaques are the supportive Teaching Assistants in our classroom.

Be sure to check our page regularly to see what we have been doing!


Maths Supporting Videos:

Here are the BBC Bitesize alternative links to the ones offered in your packs:

Activities to do at home

Year 5 timetable with links and powerpoints (Weeks 3 and 4)

As a class, we were reading our way through the Harry Potter stories. The Wizarding World online have released various resources to keep the children entertained in the wonderful world of magic. This includes quizzes, games, readings of the chapters (Book 1, released in intervals) and various craft ideas too!

Year 5 timetable with links (June weeks 1 and 2)

LAVA LAMPS - A fun science experiment to do at home!!!


We hope you all had a lovely Easter and you and your families are all keeping safe during this isolation period. Hopefully you have been able to pick up your new learning packs in school by now. The work in these packs are for this week and next and we will be releasing packs in two week intervals until we hear news about returning to school. 

I understand some of the tasks in the packs are new learning (e.g. Fractions) so all I ask is that you try your hardest and give anything a go if you can. 

I have also added you all to our class on Seesaw, I am hoping to use this as a platform to communicate with you all and see what you have been up to. This is my first time using Seesaw so apologies for any initial teething problems I may face. 

Be sure to fill your spare time with other activities such as baking, sports, building, making, crafting etc.

Stay safe Year 5! :) 

School Closure

As of Friday 20th March 2020, the government decided to close schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, all children in Year 5 were sent home with learning packs covering both topics we have already covered and topics we are due to cover during the time away from school. Unfortunately, no one is able to tell us how long this period of time away from school will last. Therefore, I will be adding resources to this page for the children to access during this time. 


Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Numbots Letter for Parents

PE sessions this year. 

Our PE sessions will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their kit on these days, 

And so the students become the teachers...


Today the Year 5 pupils took a step into Miss Wager's shoes and became teachers for the lesson. They spent last week planning their lesson and creating resources such as worksheets to use in their lessons. Then this week they had small groups of Year 3 children to teach about why we have Day and Night. They all did a really fantastic job and should be very proud of themselves. 

Well done Year 5!!!


Today we completed our contribution to running around the school field to complete 2 whole marathons for Sport Relief. Check back on Friday to find out the total distance ran as a school!

WOLRD BOOK DAY - Reading with a class in Year 1.


As part of World Book Day in school, we had the opportunity to share our favourite book with others. 

Our class got paired with Miss Bone's class in Year 1 and we had the opportunity to both read to our partner and listen to them read. We also discussed why the book we chose was our favourite. 

Happy World Book Day!!!

Keep Reading...

Chance to Shine Cricket - Practising our batting skills.


Today we had an opportunity to work with Chance To Shine Cricket for the second week running. We looked at our batting skills today and practiced hitting the ball as a cricketer would. We also had the opportunity to work and build on our bowling skills which we did last week. 

World Book Day - A Dance Workshop.


Today we had a lovely lady in from 'West End in Schools' who delivered a dance workshop in our class. 

She told us a summed up version of the story of 'Coraline' and we were able to recreate this through a dance by acting out the story to music. 

The Planetarium Visits Year 5!!!

As part of our 'Space' topic this term, we had the Planetarium come to visit us in school. 

This was a giant inflatable dome in the hall which we were allowed to sit inside with a professional. 

He talked us through the Solar System and we even went stargazing at 9:45am thanks to the planetarium being in darkness inside. 

We had the opportunity to share our knowledge about the Solar System which we have learnt in the classroom and then we were able to learn about other things such as the different constellations in the sky. 

Some amazing fact files on planets with some incredible drawings of the planets! Great work Year 5!!!

SCIENCE - Today we made our own boats out of tin foil to test the effects of water resistance. We had to make our boats streamline so that they moved through the water quickly and easily!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy your Christmas break and have a lovely rest before Term 3! - Miss Wager and Mrs Maxwell.

CHRISTMAS CUPCAKES! Beautiful homemade cupcakes for our class Christmas party.

SCIENCE - investigating the effects of air resistance through our handmade parachutes

History - These are our secret coded messages in the Anglo Saxon rune language 'Futhork'.

Autumn Term 2 Information

Our timetable will slightly change this term due to us going swimming on a Friday afternoon until 6th December. Therefore, our usual DT/Art lesson that would usually be completed on a Friday will take the PE slot on a Wednesday. 

Science - this week we are investigating evaporation! We have our salt and water petri-dishes in three different environments: the sunny windowsill, the dark cupboard and the classroom bookshelf.

History - keep checking back to our page to see what we are making.

Science - experimenting which materials dissolve in water and which don't.