Applications for Reception September 2020 Intake close Wednesday 15th January

Year 3 Miss Morris

We have started looking at money in Maths so please encourage your child to pay for items when you go shopping and count your change etc. We will be working towards using all four operations in solving money related word problems towards the end of next week! 💰 

We sure have some budding artists in the Otter class! Looking forward to see their chosen robot sketch next week and how they experiment with watercolours! 🎨 

Below are some of our robots that we created on the computer programme Paint 🎨

Experimenting different ways of drawing Robots

Today in Art we have continued to look at our first artist, Eric Joyner who focuses on the drawings of Robots. The children had been given one of his robot drawings and they had to complete 5 different ways of drawing the robot:


1. Using their normal writing hand.

2. Using their other hand.

3. Without taking their pencil off the paper.

4. With their eyes closed.

5. With a different drawing material: a biro (unable to make any mistakes).


The children loved this activity and it is great to see the children display passion towards their art work that they are producing. We also had some giggles at the robot drawings that they created while having their eyes closed! :) 

Drawing of Robots

Still image for this video

Our Second Well-being Workshop

Today the children had the opportunity to participate in a workshop by Supporting Minds which was focusing on supporting children with how to cope with 'BIG feelings'. Putting together some strategies and breathing techniques of how they can deal with and support themselves if they come across any difficult emotions.


This term we have started to look at the topic of Robots. In English we have been using the video of the ‘Unknown Planet’ (linked below) to develop our ideas around the topic, thinking of suitable onomatopoeia’s and similes to use within our writing.


In Art we have been looking at the artist Eric Joyner who focuses on the sketching of robots, alongside other things he is interested in. Today we have created our own artist pages, incorporating a variety of Eric’s drawings.


I wish you all a wonderful, happy Christmas! Please make sure you keep yourself safe while celebrating over this festive period. Myself and Mrs Stevenson will see you all back at school on Monday 6th January! 🎄

Soup Tasting

Today we have been tasting different types of soup including: vegetable, minestrone, scotch broth, chicken and tomato. It was nice to see the children try some flavours of soup that they probably haven’t tried before, seeing the surprise on their face when they enjoyed the taste. 


Now to choose what is going to go in our class soup and taste it next week. 

Dick Whittington Pantomine

Our Christmas Party

We have had a fabulous day celebrating Christmas with a visit to Playtowers and enjoying some party food. A big thank you for the food that was sent in to be enjoyed by us all. It was lovely to see the children thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

Playtowers FUN

Still image for this video

Playtowers FUN

Still image for this video

Making our Christmas tactile wreaths after a busy week of tests. A BIG ‘WELL DONE' to all of Otters for their fantastic hard work. Thank you! :) 

Christmas Lunch in our GRINCH hats!

Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Freeze Frame

Grammar Games

Today in grammar we played a variety of games to support ourselves in retaining grammar rules for our tests next week. These are games you can do at home too!

We played: 

  • a’ or ‘an’ game: relating this to words that begin with a vowel or a constant e.g an elephant, an insect, a towel, a frog. Then putting these words correctly into sentences. 

  • Prepositions: writing an interesting sentence using more than one preposition e.g The spider crawled along the table, over the ruler and down onto the floor, crawling under the cupboard. 

  • Identifying what a noun is, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, a conjunction, a pronoun and prepositions. 

  • Conjunctions: writing an interesting sentence (using adjectives) including more than one conjunction e.g and, so, for, but, however, which, because etc.


Cadbury World

WOW! What an amazing day we had on our school trip to Cadbury World. Yes, it was a very long day with the travelling but it was definitely worth it!


First, we travelled 1000 years back in time to Mexico, where we walked through the tropical rainforest of Mayan Indians. We discovered the origins of cocoa beans, amidst trees and waterfalls, deep in the ancient tropical rainforest. We also saw the Aztex Emperor Montezuma whose favourite drink was 'chocolatl'.


We also learnt how Cadbury chocolate was made as one of our talented Cadbury World chocolatiers guided us through the traditional chocolate-making technique of tempering. We also got to doodle our names in chocolate. 


Afterwards, we also got to go down the advertising avenue, through the bournville experience, a journey to Europe, a 4D cinema experience and a ride on Cadabra. Oh, and of course we got to go in the Cadbury shop to spend our money on CHOCOALTE :)

Macmillan Coffee Morning

A BIG thank you for all of the cake donations this morning and a thank you to those parents who were able to come and visit. Here are some photos of the Otter's class enjoying their Macmillan Coffee Morning:

Supporting Minds: Self-esteem and Resilience Workshop

Yesterday (23.09.19) the Otter's Class had the opportunity to participate in a self-esteem and resilience workshop delivered by Supporting Minds. 


It was discussed with the children what self-esteem and resilience are, focusing on positive emotions. The theme of the session was superheroes, so first, the children had to discuss what makes a 'good' superhero and what do they need to be able to perform their daily duties. Then the children had the opportunity to design their own superheroes, listing what their qualities as a superhero would be as well as design their own superhero mask. To end the session the children then 'strutted their stuff' down the superhero catwalk and struck a superhero pose. 


The session was great fun and it has supported the children in understanding their postive emotions.

Welcome to Otter Class.

Mrs Stevenson and I want to thank the whole of the Otter Class for a FABULOUS first week back at school. We are so proud of how you have all shown a positive attitude towards learning this week, showing politeness within the classroom. Let's keep it up! 


Important Information:

  • Outdoor PE is on Wednesdays and Indoor PE is on Thursdays so please can you ensure that your child has the correct kit in school for both of these days.
  • Spelling tests will be on Mondays. Your child will bring home a folder with their spellings inside each week. Please encourage your child to practice their spellings daily as well as completing either the sentence or definition page alongside their spellings of that week.
  • Our class library session will be alternate Tuesdays where your child will be able to choose a library book of their choice to read at home alongside their book from the reading scheme. Our first time in the library will be on Tuesday 17th September.
  • Homework timetable attached as PDF.


Any questions please come and ask.

Miss Morris