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Year 2 Mrs Jenkins

Monday 30.3.2020

Matchbox challenge

Good afternoon, I was reminded of a challenge my sister and I used to do when we were at primary school (a LONG time ago). It was called the 'matchbox challenge'.

Basically you give each child taking part a small box (must be the same size each) and challenge them to fit as many DIFFERENT objects in the box as they can in an hour.

Some ideas (from my past) - a drawing pin!! a paperclip, a hair, a ring, an elastic band, a tiny piece of string, a button, a Barbie shoe... The list is endless and I'm sure your child will find some very imaginative things to put in it!

They can play against family or as a challenge for themselves- can you find more than 30 things to fit in your box?

I hope they have a go at this, I remember loving it as a child!

Take care Mrs Herring

Fractions puzzles and problems for you to try out at home. Think about how we have worked out similar problem at school. Have fun!

TT Rock stars. Don't forget to log onto TT Rock stars to practice your times tables. I have added 20 test sheets that can be printed out. We usually do 3 or 4 a week with a 3 minute time limit for children to complete as many as they can. BUT these can be used just for additional practice.

Write a riddle. Print out the sheet and use it to write your own animal riddle. Can your family guess your animal?

Football fun activity pack - thought some children might enjoy these puzzles.

Lego challenge - some are aimed at Americans so may need to be explained to the children (NASA) but hopefully can be enjoyed by our budding builders!

Mrs Graves has signed our school up for Numbots (online maths work). Please read this carefully so you can access all the activities.

Once your child has finished reading a book they can complete this character portrait and the book review.

Here are some ideas to keep your child active during school closures

We have been exploring 2D shapes and their properties, have a look at all the information they have been finding. Look out for our problem solving activity using 15 lollipop sticks to make 3 different 2D shapes. What ones could you make?

Our recent visit from Supporting Minds talked about how to deal with different emotions.

In Art we have been learning how to weave and decided to decorate the school fence with our weaving..Work in progress!

What a fantastic time on our residential trip to Rand Farm. You should all be very proud!

More of our fantastic certificate awards this week and of course the important Attendance award. So proud of our Fox cubs!

Congratulations go to our Terrific ten and twenty readers David and Jake. Well done keep it up. Mr Kelwick can't wait to give out more!

Congratulations go to our Terrific ten and twenty readers David and Jake.  Well done keep it up.  Mr Kelwick can't wait to give out more! 1 Fantastic Fox cubs terrific readers!
Congratulations go to our Terrific ten and twenty readers David and Jake.  Well done keep it up.  Mr Kelwick can't wait to give out more! 2 Always remember!

Germs! Germs! Germs We have been looking at how germs spread and used glitter for our experiment to show this.

We had to make Rice Krispie cakes today just so that we can use the pictures to help us know how to write instructions!

Our Amazing Bodies! We have been learning about the importance of exercise and looking at how our heart works. Look at some of our amazing pictures

Thank you very much for joining us at the Macmillan coffee morning today. We had lots of cake while raising money for a very worthy charity. Lots of lovely photographs including some from our wellbeing workshop on Wednesday afternoon.

We have been working very hard on different ways to do addition in Fox cubs class. Look at the concentration on our faces!

Welcome to Fox cubs class


Mrs Bray, Miss Taylor and I are looking forward to welcoming you all into our Year 2 class and hope you have had a lovely summer.

As we begin the new school year there are just a few reminders and some helpful information for you.

P.E will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (Thursday outdoor weather permitting) so please could we ensure that the correct kit is kept in school during term time.  For safety reasons if children have pierced ears please can they bring tape to cover them during P.E. 

Spellings will take place on a Tuesday afternoon.  Your child will bring home a folder with spellings in and they need to complete one per week.

We also have 'library' on Friday afternoon.  Your child will be able to choose a book to bring home - this is NOT their school reading book, but a book they may want to share with you or their siblings.  It may also be a book they would like you to read to them.  As long as the book is returned each week your child can swap it for a different book to bring home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

We look forward to a busy but exciting year ahead.

Mrs Jenkins

Fox cubs writing about their holiday adventures!

Designing our class charter and filling in our mindfulness journal's