We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Year 2 Mrs Jenkins

Jake celebrating his last day at home school wearing his uniform BEFORE he breaks up for summer. Well done Jake! Have a lovely time all of you and see you in September.

21/7/2020 - Complete the BBC Bitesize maths lesson for today then try this - which standard unit of measure would you use for each? metres/cm, kilograms/g, litres/ml?

17/7/2020 Try to make a witches potion - you have to make sure you have the correct number of legs in each potion. Which of the ingredients will you choose so the potion works?

Jake at it again! Some fantastic work and activities Jake has been doing at home. Thank you once again for sharing these! In mum's words "Last bit of photo spam of the year" Jake has done them proud...learning to knit...den building...egg experiments...celebrating Independence Day with beavers virtual work...sports day...drawing characters...making rainbows ...completing aircraft badge for beavers...He has been a very busy chap!

These links, Power points and games are to support the home learning pack that can be collected on Monday 13th July.

10/9/2020 Try these WhiteRose maths problems. How many can you get right? To start the slide show WITHOUT answers go to the bar at the top and click on 'slide show' then click 'from the beginning' (otherwise you may see the answers before you have had a chance to work them out!)

8/7/2020 As you are getting towards the end of this home learning pack I thought it would be nice for you to do a Pirate story 'book' review. You can watch any of the pirate story videos from the web site or use one of your own pirate stories. I have attached a book review sheet to help but you could make your own!

6/7/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize maths lesson on standard units of measure then try these problems. Write your answers/working out next to each problem. You can try the reading scale capacity game too!

3/7/2020 Try the BBC Bitesize maths problems for today then try this- Always, sometimes, never. Read each statement carefully, then ask yourself is it ALWAYS true, SOMETIMES true or NEVER true. Decide on you=r answer and then sort the statements onto the ASN grid.


Try out this cool floating and sinking investigation from Empiribox.

Watch the video and test out your predictions for whether your chosen objects will float or sink (there is a sheet attached for you to write your results on).

THEN - make your different boats and rafts and test out how many of the SAME coins each one will hold before it sinks!

I will let you know later how many coins mine held. I am going to use 5p coins - I just need to empty my piggy bank first!!

Floating and sinking grid to record on.

This is a photograph of my rafts/boat ready to put the coins on.

The following links are to support the home learning pack that can be collected from school on

Monday 29th June.

 Our topics in this pack are: Habitats and food chains, Pirate poetry, Maths puzzles and problems and a 'Talk for writing' project called Rainow, rainbows everywhere!


  • 25/6/2020

    Mrs Ingamell's has asked me to tell you about this year's

    Sports Day!

    Obviously it will be very different BUT exciting too.

    I have attached all the documents you need below to enter the great Hawthorn Tree SOCK Sports Day! Yes you did read that correctly - this year's Sports Day is all about socks!!

    Please have a look at the activities, Mrs Ingamells will hopefully be loading some videos of how to do each activity on Monday, but there are explanations on the sheets for each activity.

    Once you have completed your activity sheet and filled in your scores you should send that sheet back to school so all the scores can be added together for each team.


    Good luck everyone!!  
    I would love some photos of you doing any of the challenges (I'm sure Mrs Ingamells would too).


24/7 writing challenge

Following the instructions on today's BBC Bitesize English lesson -   

Write a story that has just 24 words in 7 minutes.

Have a go, I would love to read your 24/7 stories and post some of them to our class web-page.

I have posted my story below. You could draw a picture to go with your story too. 

24/7 writing challenge.

22/6/2020 Verbs - watch today's BBC Bitesize English lesson and then try this work on irregular past tense verbs (not as tricky as is sounds!)

19/6/2020 The following sheet can be used after today's BBC Bitesize maths lesson (Challenge 3). These shape problems will really get you thinking!

18/6/2020 Online geography resources - continents and oceans. Follow the instructions for the Oddizzi site. There are videos, photos and lots of information to read. If you want to do the follow up work you need to print out pages 2, 8, 9 and 10 only.

18/6/2020 Watch the Whiterose daily maths clips. Can you answer the questions and solve the problems?

3.30pm 17/6/2020 I 'waterproofed' my paper boat with tinfoil. It has been floating for 5 hours - although it is a bit wonky!!

17/6/2020 Making a paper boat (using the video instructions). The first document shows my first two attempts and finally my successful boat! The second document is the booklet to go alongside the science/video unit of work.

Our budding artists have been really concentrating on designing their chosen desert scene and mixing different shades of colour while listening to relaxing music. Very therapeutic!!

Jake the explorer, scientist, master chef and gardener at it again, showing us what fun can be had while learning. Brilliant job Jake with your planting, skittles experiment, making slime and much more!!

16/6/2020 BBC Bitesize maths - follow up activity sheet attached for Odd one out. Circle the odd one out and say WHY it is the odd one out. Ask a grown up or brother or sister. Do they think the same as you? Who is right? Is there more than one answer?

The following links are to support the English unit of work that can be collected from school on Monday 15th June.

If you have stories or information books about pirates - they can be used too!

Jobs on board a pirate ship

11/6/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize Maths and English lessons, complete the online work then try these sheets.

10/6/2020 Watch today's English (commas in lists) and Maths lessons (finding half) and complete the online activities then try these two worksheets.

9/6/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize English programme and complete all the follow up activities THEN try this work on contractions using an apostrophe.

8/6/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize maths lesson, complete the online activities then try theses fractions problems.

5/6/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize English lesson on the suffix ly. Complete all the online activities then try the ly suffix word search below.

3/6/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize maths programme and complete the online activities THEN try these division word problems! Remember our old friend the bar model to help you work things out!

21/5/2020 Watch the BBC Bitesize maths lesson for today and complete the activities THEN you can try these - 5 x tables word search and some mixed times tables word problems.

15/5/2020 Watch the maths and English lessons for today on BBC Bitesize and complete all the follow up work/activities. THEN try the extra 'work' attached. Some different types of maths problems to really get you thinking about numbers and a design you own birthday cake sheet! Yum!

13/5/2020 Watch today's BBC Bitesize science lesson, complete the activities and then try this! A Venn diagram - cut and stick to sort the animals in the correct places. CQ: Can you add some more of your own animals to each section of the diagram? There is also a Power Point of grouping animals you could watch/read too!

13/5/2020 BBC Bitesize English lesson - watch and complete the online activities THEN try this v, w, x word search!

Another busy and exciting few weeks in the 'house of Jake'. Some lovely nature walks and a stay safe message with twigs,photography to earn his next badge for Beavers, baking from scratch and completing his cooking badge, exploring and making moon sand and not mention more baking and making bunting for the very special 75th anniversary of VE day. A fabulous well done to all of you for your hard work.

For 11/5/2020 BBC Bitesize English lesson. Watch the videos and complete the online activities. Download/print out the postcard sheet and complete it. You could 'send' the postcard to a friend in our class and then I could add it to the Catch up with Fox cubs section on the school website.

8/5/2020 VE Day! Find out why we celebrate VE Day. What is special about the celebrations this year?

6/5/2020 Watch the BBC Bitesize lesson on plants. Complete the activities. One of the videos looks at the different ways seeds are dispersed. Look at the poster showing seeds in different fruits. Can you find seeds in some fruits at your home? Draw some of the fruits/seeds you have found. CQ: Look outside/in your garden. Can you spot the seeds in any of the flowers/plants?

5/5/2020 BBC Bitesize maths - watch today's video and complete all the activities THEN can you complete this sheet - more than/less than with money?

4/5/2020 I have attached a downloadable maths booklet which covers lots of elements of maths that we would be teaching in school during this term.

4/5/2020 BBC Bitesize maths. Watch today's maths programme and complete the suggested activities. Next try these bar models and whole-part modes. CQ: Can you make up some of your own bar models and whole part models?

Read Write Inc online learning

We are very excited that Read Write Inc have started doing online lessons on their youtube site (follow the link below). 

Children in year 2 should be recapping on set 2 and 3 sounds. Your child in school would be doing speed sounds, followed by word time reading and then spelling as the phonics element of their English lesson, before they practise reading a book. The RWI youtube channel are doing a new set of lessons each day, which are then available for 24 hours so your child can do them at any point during the day. Watch all three videos in order, your child will just need a pencil and paper to spell some words.

If your child is still not secure in their set 1 sounds (single sounds of the alphabet and the special friends sh, ch, th, qu, ng, nk) then show them the set 1 videos daily. If your child is secure with the set 1 sounds, show them the set 2 videos and if they are secure with these, show them the set 3 videos. Some children may benefit from (and enjoy) doing set 2 and set 3 videos. 

They should really enjoy the routine of doing RWI again, just as we did at school. We hope your child is retaining the sounds we have learnt and enjoying applying them in any reading or writing they are doing. If you have any problems or need guidance on the RWI phonics, please e-mail me on 


Please follow the link and complete all the sections for this BBC Bitesize lesson.

There is then a task for you to print out and  complete - cut and stick to match the halves of each sentence using alliteration.


Alliteration - cut and stick activity

Kitchen roll art. I saw this on Maths 4 kids and thought it was a simple way to make a really effective piece of art. Top tip - put some old paper under the kitchen towel before you start using your felt tips or you will spoil your table!


I have just added some resources from The Royal Mint, for children.

There are Peter Rabbit interactive games, Paddington Bear colouring pages, a competition to design a new 50p coin and lots more.

Just an extra idea for the class whilst they are working from home.

Some of the resources are aimed at KS2 so might be of interest to older siblings/family.

Money activity/game

On-line school

You may have seen on the news or in the papers that the Oak Academy schools are putting online lessons for all primary age groups on their portal  for FREE. 

I have looked through the current Y2 lessons and feel they are well worth a look. The Maths and English lessons provide a 15-20 minute 'interactive' lesson with a quiz and useful tasks as follow up.

These lessons could easily be used alongside the paper learning packs we have sent home.

As a school we felt it was important for all children to have equal access to the learning we sent home, therefore it was on paper so children with no or limited access to the internet could have the same opportunities.

I will put the link above this message and will also include the BBC Bitesize link which has some great 'mini' lessons often led by well known people in their field of expertise.

Some more exciting adventures in the 'Talbot household' Well done everyone, I am sure you will have no problems gaining your cooking badge Jake!

Kimmi has been busy painting this amazing banner in support of all the key workers. Well done Kimmi it looks amazing!

Activities the children might enjoy over Easter!

Well it looks like another week of great fun and learning with Jake with his family. He has been learning how to draw cartoon characters, they are amazing Jake. Baking cakes and a fantastic rainbow jar with a to do list he is writing for when we are all back!! Fabulous work Jake. I love to see the pictures of what you are doing so please keep sending them in. Don't forget the TT Rockstar challenge!!

Please find details below of an email from Boston library.  Although not everyone has membership, you are also able to join online.

While Boston Library may be closed at present you and your family can still access a range of free online library resources for adults and children using your library card number and PIN including ebooks, eaudiobooks, emagazines and emusic. You can also get free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica Junior to help with your home schooling projects. Visit and choose from the online resources menu on the right hand side of the page.


Some photographs of activities fox cubs have been doing at home. Please keep sending me your photographs on SeeSaw and I will put them on the website. Lovely to see the things you are doing at home. Pearl has been working hard all week on her Chameleon enclosure, while Jake has been baking and taking part in P.E with Joe Wicks. He has been keen to participate in the lego challenge for his Beavers badge and shrinking crisp packets in a Science experiment (No he didn't just eat them!). Keep up the good work.

Monday 30.3.2020

Matchbox challenge

Good afternoon, I was reminded of a challenge my sister and I used to do when we were at primary school (a LONG time ago). It was called the 'matchbox challenge'.

Basically you give each child taking part a small box (must be the same size each) and challenge them to fit as many DIFFERENT objects in the box as they can in an hour.

Some ideas (from my past) - a drawing pin!! a paperclip, a hair, a ring, an elastic band, a tiny piece of string, a button, a Barbie shoe... The list is endless and I'm sure your child will find some very imaginative things to put in it!

They can play against family or as a challenge for themselves- can you find more than 30 things to fit in your box?

I hope they have a go at this, I remember loving it as a child!

Take care Mrs Herring

Fractions puzzles and problems for you to try out at home. Think about how we have worked out similar problem at school. Have fun!

TT Rock stars. Don't forget to log onto TT Rock stars to practise your times tables. I have added 20 test sheets that can be printed out. We usually do 3 or 4 a week with a 3 minute time limit for children to complete as many as they can. BUT these can be used just for additional practise.

Write a riddle. Print out the sheet and use it to write your own animal riddle. Can your family guess your animal?

Football fun activity pack - thought some children might enjoy these puzzles.

Lego challenge - some are aimed at Americans so may need to be explained to the children (NASA) but hopefully can be enjoyed by our budding builders!

Mrs Graves has signed our school up for Numbots (online maths work). Please read this carefully so you can access all the activities.

Once your child has finished reading a book they can complete this character portrait and the book review.

Here are some ideas to keep your child active during school closures

We have been exploring 2D shapes and their properties, have a look at all the information they have been finding. Look out for our problem solving activity using 15 lollipop sticks to make 3 different 2D shapes. What ones could you make?

Our recent visit from Supporting Minds talked about how to deal with different emotions.

In Art we have been learning how to weave and decided to decorate the school fence with our weaving..Work in progress!

What a fantastic time on our residential trip to Rand Farm. You should all be very proud!

More of our fantastic certificate awards this week and of course the important Attendance award. So proud of our Fox cubs!

Congratulations go to our Terrific ten and twenty readers David and Jake. Well done keep it up. Mr Kelwick can't wait to give out more!

Germs! Germs! Germs We have been looking at how germs spread and used glitter for our experiment to show this.

We had to make Rice Krispie cakes today just so that we can use the pictures to help us know how to write instructions!

Our Amazing Bodies! We have been learning about the importance of exercise and looking at how our heart works. Look at some of our amazing pictures

Thank you very much for joining us at the Macmillan coffee morning today. We had lots of cake while raising money for a very worthy charity. Lots of lovely photographs including some from our wellbeing workshop on Wednesday afternoon.

We have been working very hard on different ways to do addition in Fox cubs class. Look at the concentration on our faces!

Welcome to Fox cubs class


Mrs Bray, Miss Taylor and I are looking forward to welcoming you all into our Year 2 class and hope you have had a lovely summer.

As we begin the new school year there are just a few reminders and some helpful information for you.

P.E will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (Thursday outdoor weather permitting) so please could we ensure that the correct kit is kept in school during term time.  For safety reasons if children have pierced ears please can they bring tape to cover them during P.E. 

Spellings will take place on a Tuesday afternoon.  Your child will bring home a folder with spellings in and they need to complete one per week.

We also have 'library' on Friday afternoon.  Your child will be able to choose a book to bring home - this is NOT their school reading book, but a book they may want to share with you or their siblings.  It may also be a book they would like you to read to them.  As long as the book is returned each week your child can swap it for a different book to bring home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

We look forward to a busy but exciting year ahead.

Mrs Jenkins

Fox cubs writing about their holiday adventures!

Designing our class charter and filling in our mindfulness journal's