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Year 2 Mrs Herring

Monday 30.3.2020

Matchbox challenge

Good afternoon, I was reminded of a challenge my sister and I used to do when we were at primary school (a LONG time ago). It was called the 'matchbox challenge'.

Basically you give each child taking part a small box (must be the same size each) and challenge them to fit as many DIFFERENT objects in the box as they can in an hour.

Some ideas (from my past) - a drawing pin!! a paperclip, a hair, a ring, an elastic band, a tiny piece of string, a button, a Barbie shoe... The list is endless and I'm sure your child will find some very imaginative things to put in it!

They can play against family or as a challenge for themselves- can you find more than 30 things to fit in your box?

I hope they have a go at this, I remember loving it as a child!

Take care Mrs H x


Some of our cotton seeds have started to grow! - Mrs Orrey too k the photo when she was in school yesterday.

Some of our cotton seeds have started to grow! - Mrs Orrey too k the photo when she was in school yesterday. 1

Good morning

I have had a request for spellings for the children at home. I will put a copy of all the words that Year 2 children are expected to read and spell by the end of the school year up after this post.  It is up to you if you want to print out the words and use them as flashcards, write a list for your child to practice or make them into mini tests once they have had a period of time to learn them.

I hope everyone is okay. 

Mrs Herring

Wednesday 25th March

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all okay at this very challenging/unusual time.  I will keep adding to this page but am very well aware that most of the 'work' I have put on requires a printer which some of you may not have access to.  This is why I have added lots of website links too.

Please don't feel under any obligation to do all the tasks I have put on here, they are just some ideas for things the children could do without too much support.  I know the majority of the class love TTRock stars hence the addition of all the sheets this morning, but if your child is not one of that group they could just do one sheet a day as practice to keep their skills sharp.

If you need any specific advice please message me through seesaw and I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care

Mrs Herring



Fractions - some puzzles and problems to try out at home. Think about how we worked these out in school. Have fun!

TT rock stars. Don't forget to log onto TT rock stars and practice your times tables. I have attached 21 'test' sheets for you to do at home. These are usually completed 3 or 4 times a week. The children have a 3 minute time limit to do as many as they can OR they can just use them for extra practice.

Write a riddle. Print out the sheet and write an animal riddle. Can your family guess your animal?

Football fun activity pack. Just thought some children might enjoy these puzzles.

Lego challenge board - some are aimed at Americans but can be explained if children unsure (NASA etc). Hope this helps our budding builders!

Mrs Graves has signed the school up to Numbots (maths) please read letter carefully and feel free to access all the resources.

A few ideas to keep your child active during school closures.

Good afternoon.

As the Government have announced the closures of schools from Friday I will try to put resources, links to websites that provide good quality learning resources etc. for the children in Badger class whenever possible. Please also check seesaw as this might be more responsive.

The children have a pack of learning resources for the two weeks up to Easter and then they have  a two week break as 'normal'.  The next resources will be for AFTER Easter.

This is because some of the website links I have signed up to give parents a free 30 day trial so once you have started it, it has a limited time use.  The children will all bring home an extra reading book tomorrow and I would encourage you to get them to do a book review and character portrait for each one. I will try and upload the formats for this which you can print off at home. The website is very busy as you can imagine, so please be patient.

I'm sending a big hug to all my class at this difficult time. 


Dressing up for World Book Day!!

Dressing up for World Book Day!! 1

Today we have been painting in the style of Jackson Pollack - messy but fun!!!!

Well-being workshop - BIG emotions!

Today the children have taken part in our second well-being workshop on emotions.

They talked about different feelings and what made them happy, sad, angry and excited.

The course leaders talked about how to deal with BIG emotions, focusing on anger and what we can do to calm ourselves down.

The children drew round their own hand and wrote 5 things that they do to try and stop themselves from 'exploding' when they feel full of anger.

They had some great ideas: reading, yoga, swimming, playing with friends, talking to someone, walking away form situations, deep breaths, having a snack and loads more.

They were very sensible, listened well and really thought about what they had been asked to do.

Proud winner of our first Head Teacher award - Lilli.

Proud winner of our first Head Teacher award - Lilli. 1

Our delicious healthy sandwiches.

Making butter for our healthy sandwiches. It was hard work shaking the cream to make our delicious butter!!

Party time!!!

Kneading the dough to make our bread rolls.

Today we have been making bread rolls as part of our DT topic.

The children made one large batch of dough then shared it out to shape into a roll.


Party hats and Christmas lunch!!

All dressed up for Children in need day

All dressed up for Children in need day 1

Children in need

Today we had a special visitor - Pudsey bear.

The children all had a chance for a quick 'meet and greet' session.


Don't forget tomorrow is non-uniform day with a small donation to the Children in need charity.

feeding time

Rand Farm 2019

We had a fantastic trip to Rand Farm Park.

It was our first ever residential trip with Year 2 and they were amazing - polite, hard-working, kind, thoughtful and really supportive of one another.

A real credit to our school.

To follow are SOME of the photos we took - there were lots more on see-saw.

Thank you for your support

Mrs Herring and Mrs Orrey.

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the Parent's maths open morning today.

The children were great and really enjoyed trying out the maths activities with the adults.



Retelling the story of Moses in RE

Today the children acted out the story of Moses leading the Jewish people away from slavery to freedom (including the parting of the Red Sea) in RE with Mrs Orrey.


This practical activity helps the children remember the story and how the Jewish people might have felt on the long journey.

Next week we will be writing a letter home as if we were on the journey with Moses.


Showing 24 in as many different ways as possible!!

Today we worked in teams to show the number 24 in as many different ways as we could.

We used number sentences, dice, cubes, TU equipment, Numicom, counters and bead strings!!

Mrs Herring, Mrs Orrey and Mrs Taylor thought we had some very inventive ways of showing our number.

See what you think!!

Macmillan cake morning in Badger Class

Well-being workshop - Super heroes

Today Badger Class had a workshop from the Supporting Minds Team.

We talked about self-esteem through the theme of 'super heroes'.

The children discussed what makes super heroes 'super' and how we can relate this to our lives - being kind, helpful, confident, caring, risk-taking, thoughtful and LOADS more ideas.

The children created their own super hero characters and masks. At the end of the session the class wore their masks and struck a super hero pose.

Cake time!! We all enjoyed our crispy cakes at playtime.

Cake time!! We all enjoyed our crispy cakes at playtime. 1

Making chocolate crispy cakes (so we can write instructions - AND eat them!!)

Making chocolate crispy cakes (so we can write instructions - AND eat them!!) 1
Making chocolate crispy cakes (so we can write instructions - AND eat them!!) 2
Making chocolate crispy cakes (so we can write instructions - AND eat them!!) 3
Making chocolate crispy cakes (so we can write instructions - AND eat them!!) 4

Don't forget the meeting for parents/guardians on Monday 16th September at 5.30pm to introduce Kay Waring from Rand Farm and to see in more detail where the children are going and talk about what they will be doing.

We hope to see you there.

If you have any worries or concerns AT ALL about the trip please see me for a chat and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

Mrs Herring

We retold the story of The Little Red Hen using puppets and then wrote our own version.

Y2 curriculum newsletter Autumn 2019

Badger Class timetable 2019-20

Welcome to Badger Class.

Mrs Orrey  and I are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school.

Here is some important information for Badgers this year:

PE will be on Thursdays - indoor and Fridays outdoor, please make sure you have the correct PE kit in school for these days.

Spelling tests will be on Tuesdays. Your child will bring home a folder with their spellings inside each week. PLEASE encourage your child to practice their spellings as this really boosts their confidence and supports their learning.

We also have 'library' on Tuesdays. Your child will be able to choose a book to bring home - this book is NOT their school reading book, but a book they may want to share with you or their siblings. It may also be a book that they would like you to read to them.  As long as the book is returned each week your child can swap it for a different book to bring home.

If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Mrs Herring