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Year 1 Miss Bone

The Wonder of Autumn

In Science this term, we have been learning about autumn. We have observed changes outside and explored many different natural objects linked to autumn. We had so much fun making faces out of our autumnal objects this week!


Thank you to those of you who brought in extra objects from home too. It is wonderful that you are continuing your learning at home smiley

Terrific Ten Reading Awards

Terrific Ten Reading Awards 1 Well done everyone, keep it up!
Terrific Ten Reading Awards 2 Hooray!
We have been so inspired by the text 'Harry and the Robots'! Having read the story and sequenced some pictures from it, the children then created an adventure story with their very own robot! Their story maps really helped them to sequence their writing, along with providing them with the pleasure and excitement of being both an illustrator and an author! 

Marvellous Maths!

Marvellous Maths!  1
Marvellous Maths!  2
Marvellous Maths!  3
Marvellous Maths!  4
Marvellous Maths!  5
Marvellous Maths!  6
Marvellous Maths!  7

As part of our mastery approach in Maths, the children were introduced to the terms and symbols for 'more than/greater than', 'fewer than/less than' and 'equal to'. The children created their own symbols with lolly sticks and enjoyed a practical introduction to the terminology. The children have amazed me with their skills. 


Whilst we pretended that a crocodile had to compare the amount children in a group and eat the most, no children were actually eaten... phew!

Dinosaur Bones!

Dinosaur Bones! 1
Dinosaur Bones! 2
Dinosaur Bones! 3
Dinosaur Bones! 4
Dinosaur Bones! 5
Dinosaur Bones! 6
Dinosaur Bones! 7
Dinosaur Bones! 8
Dinosaur Bones! 9
Dinosaur Bones! 10
Dinosaur Bones! 11
Dinosaur Bones! 12
Dinosaur Bones! 13
Dinosaur Bones! 14

Check out our dinosaur bones!


Having been inspired by our English text (Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs), all children designed and made a dinosaur bone! They thoroughly enjoyed this process and it has also supported their skills in DT. The children were then extremely reflective and wrote an evaluation about their dinosaur bone. Well done everyone!

Welcome to Robins Class!


We have had a wonderful first few days back at school. It is absolutely fantastic that you have all been ready for learning on time each day and that you have been so enthusiastic about your new learning experiences in Year 1. Well done everyone! 


Important information:

  • Our PE session is on a Monday afternoon.
  • You will have a spelling test every Thursday. Your spelling folder will be given to you every Thursday with new spellings for you to learn over the course of the week. 
  • You can choose a book from our class library every Friday! This is an exciting opportunity for you to take some of our wonderful school books home. Please ensure that you return these every Friday so that you can swap it for a new one!


Mrs Carr, Mrs Wroblewska and I are so excited for the year ahead... We are going to have a SUPER time in Year 1.