Reception applications close on 15th January 2022, please contact us for further details. / We have places available in some year groups! Please contact us for more details.

Tuesday 4th January 2022

Please allow your child to complete this piece of writing independently as this will allow me to assess what they can do without adult support. Feel free to have a small discussion before they begin to write to get them thinking of ideas they did over the holidays.


Please test your child on their spellings and attach this inside their spelling folder to return to school next week. New spellings to practice for Monday 10th are listed below:


Miss Taylor's Group: her, term, winter, sister, over, better, small, once.


Miss Morris' Group: gentle, gem, bridge, fudge, fringe, jar, jacket, charge.



Here is the piece of music we have started listening to in music. Identifying the difference between beat and rhythm. Do you recognise the music? What film do you think it's from? I will give you a clue.. it's a Disney film with lions in it :) 

In the Jungle, the mighty jungle...