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School Ethos and Values

Hawthorn Tree School embraces children as individuals. By recognising and valuing children’s particular strengths and talents, we seek to encourage their full potential. We work hard to celebrate all successes, whenever and wherever they occur, no matter how big or small. Children are encouraged to become well-rounded and sociable. It is important to us that our children believe in themselves and are both confident and resilient. We draw upon our well-established local and school community, to enrich the curriculum and promote mutual respect and a strong moral ethos in every child.


We prepare our pupils for LIFE – To be Loving, Inspirational, Fun and Educational!


• Accepting and valuing religions, traditions and lifestyles.

• Aware of our common heritage, democratic traditions and British Values.

• Friendly, warm-hearted and considerate.

• Motivated by a compassionate wish to help and care for others.



• To have the highest expectations of themselves and others.

• Prepared to face new challenges positively, to create opportunities for themselves, their family and community.

• Able to see beyond the present to create a bright future.



• A love and thirst for new learning.

• Embracing change and relishing the unfamiliar.

• Having the capacity to take calculated risks.



• Able to conceive a unique vision, lead and influence others.

• Be creative in their ideas, resilient and determined in their actions.

• To be able to take responsibility for their own learning and work collaboratively with others.

• Embrace the curriculum to empower them to achieve the best possible outcomes socially, academically and creatively both for themselves and for the wider society.


Reviewed December 2020