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Term 1: Food

Term 2: Fairy Tales

Term 3: Zoos

Term 4: Ourselves

Term 5: Habitats

Term 6: Pirates


Compare and sequence intervals of time


Compare and order lengths, and record the results using >, < and =


Recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p); combine amounts to make a particular value

Use mathematical vocabulary to describe, position, direction and movement distinguishing between rotation as a turn and in terms of right angles for quarter, half and three-quarter turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise), and movement in a straight line


Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction (m/cm)

Ask and answer questions about totalling and comparing categorical data


Interpret and construct simple pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables


Term 1: Use of Everyday Materials

Term 2: Use of Everyday Materials continued

Term 3: Living Things and their Habitats

Term 4: Animals inc humans

Term 5: N.B. SATs Focus

Term 6: Plants


Local history study

Maud Foster Windmill

Significant individuals in the past

Florence Nightingale

Significant historical events

Great Fire of London


Place knowledge

Small area of UK/contrast with Mexico

Human/phy geog 2

Key human features – city, town, village, factory, farm, office, port, harbour, shop, valley


Naming/locate 7 continents & 5 oceans


Geog skills & field work

Lang – N, S, E, W

Routes & maps (link to FN)



Cooking and nutrition

Understand where food comes from and basic principles of good health to prepare dishes


Design, make and evaluate

Technical knowledge

Sewing techniques to make a simple toy – glove puppet (linked to zoo theme in Lit)

Review work on axles through construction kits


Design, make and evaluate

Technical knowledge

Build structures and develop ideas of making them stronger, stiffer and more stable

Tudor house (History link)


Design, make and evaluate


LAS Compulsory

Islam -

  • Being Human
  • Life Journey

LAS Compulsory

Christianity -

  • Being Human
  • Life Journey

LAS Additional

  • Thankfulness (including Christianity)

[e.g. harvest in Christianity, Sukkot in Judaism, Holi in Hinduism...]


Unit 1b

Local study – history link

Investigating materials (weaving)

Unit 2b

Mother nature designer (William Morris, Georgia O’Keefe)

Drawing/collage fabric

Suffolk Art Year

Print making

(Great Fire of London)


Music Harvest Singing: Exploring singing, pitch and beats

Music Interact:

Pirates Unit

Exploring dynamics and tempo

Music Interact:

KS1 Unit

Exploring dynamics, texture & tempo


Term 1:

Gymnastics: Spin, Turn & Twist

Dance: Reach for the Stars, Bubbles, Words & Words Messages


Term 2:

Invasion Games: Unit 1

OAA: Problem Solving Games

Term 3:

Gymnastics: Linking moves together

Dance: Country Dance


Term 4:

Multi Skills (ABC)

Invasion Games Unit 4

Term 5:

Athletics: Running, Jumping and Throwing Activities

Sports Day Practice


Term 6:

Net/Wall Games Unit 3

Striking/Fielding Games Unit 2