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Term 1: Dinosaurs

Term 2: Fairy Stories

Term 3: Plants

Term 4: Julia Donaldson

Term 5: Animals

Term 6: Sea & Coasts


Recognise and use language relating to dates, including days of the week, weeks, months and years

Measure and begin to record lengths and heights

Compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and heights

Recognise and name common 2-D shapes

Recognise and name common 3-D shapes


Term 1: Materials

Term 2: Seasons Part 1

Term 3: Plants

Term 4: Seasons Part 2

Term 5: Animals

Term 6: Seasons Part 3


Local Study

Boston Stump

Changes within living memory

Homes in the past

Changes within living memory

Seaside holidays in the past


Human and Physical Geography

Weather patterns (equator, N & S Poles)

Geog skills/fieldwork

School grounds H/ph features

Geog skills & fieldwork 3

Aerial photos, recognise land marks H/ph features

Simple map work

Place location

UK – location know 2

4 counties of UK/capital cities & seas

Geog fieldwork 1

Human & phys 2

Vocab – sea, coast, cliff, ocean, season, weather, river, soil


Technical knowledge

Make a tower/stump (history link)

How could you make it stiffer, stronger and more stable?

Design, make and evaluate

Cooking and nutrition

Understand where food comes from and the basic principles of good health to prepare dishes (varied diet) – fruit salad

Design, make and evaluate

Technical knowledge

Explore the use of mechanisms – sliders, wheels and levers to create moving pictures links to the sea/coast (lit/hist/geog links)

Design, make and evaluate


LAS Compulsory

Christianity -

  • God
  • Community

LAS Compulsory

Islam -

  • God
  • Community

LAS Additional

  • Places of worship
  • (including Christianity)


Unit 2c

Can buildings speak?


Unit 2a

Picture this (Homes & changes)

(link to History)

Collage & printing

Unit 1c

What is sculpture?

(seaside) Anthony Gormley

(3d models/sculpture)


Term 1:

Gymnastics: Points & Patches

Dance: Fog & Sunshine, Washing Day, Handa’s Surprise

Term 2:

Invasion Games: Unit 1 Large Ball (VS)

OAA: Parachute Games & basic Co-op Games

Term 3:

Gymnastics: Flight (Variety of Take offs & shapes in the air)

Dance: Rainbow Fish & Bear Hunt

Term 4:

Multi Skills (ABC)

Invasion Games: Unit 4 Developing Partner Work (VS)

Term 5:

Athletics: Basic Running, Jumping and Throwing Activities

Sports Day Practice

Term 6:

Net/Wall Games: Unit 3 Bat & Balls Skills (VS)

Striking/Fielding Games: Unit 2 Throw, Catch Aim