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School Council

We are going to the Houses of Parliament!

Matt Warman (Local Member of Parliament) and his assistant Kim (who controls his social media) visited our school after an invitation from Mr Kelwick. He was interviewed by the school council, he toured the school, he had a photograph with the school council and hosted Friday's achievement assembly with Mr Kelwick (our head teacher). Evie and Emilia were amazed that an MP took his time to visit their school amongst his busy working schedule. The children did not expect such an important visitor whom had many people he lead in his constituency and travels to and fro from London; to find the time to visit Boston.

When he was interviewed the school council discovered he travelled around Lincolnshire, other counties and countries to acquire ideas to improve our community. He also has a two year old daughter. Before he was an MP he was a journalist. His ambition was to become an inventor of something like Google. Ultimately, he was ambitious, he decided to become an MP to make a difference to his people's lives. He also loved rugby and keeps himself fit through running.

On the whole his responses to the school council were inspiring and at times in depth and most responses were understood. When the school council asked if there were shortages of staff in the hospital and would this cause closure? He responded by explaining how there were a limited amount of doctors and nurses who work in Boston and how he was trying to work on projects to recruit more. The school council found it fascinating when he reported how he was trying to open a medical centre to reduce waiting lists in the surgery and hospital.

Joshua and Keegan were interested to know why the street lights were turned off late at night and earlier in the morning. He said that crime has decreased. The people who wish to commit crime are reluctant to be about when the lights are off as there is little to see. Keegan asked further whether the public were asked to vote before turning the lights off. He said that this was a council decision. The school council at Hawthorn Tree believe that there should be a public vote because if there is an accident, it is the public that is harmed, if people are driving at night it would be safer to have had the street lights on.

Overall Matt Warman assured the school council that Boston had a lot of potential to develop to be safe and prosperous. He was inspired to improve the flood banks in Boston as he saw how it affected his father, a science teacher at Boston Grammar School, when the flood had affected the Science laboratory.

The visit was such a tremendous success that he offered the School Council to visit the Houses of Parliament.

The article was written by Alfie, Hannah, Emilia, Evie and Mrs Kadar (School Council members).

Baking with Mrs Jenkins' class:

Baking with Mrs Herring's class:


Opening the library for Year 3:

2015-2016 Academic Year

On Friday 1st July, the School Council took part in a sleepover at school to raise money for Centre Point. The School Council presented research they have conducted to the whole school about why they were raising money for Centre Point. Thank you to everyone who sponsored as they raised over £100! To see photos from the sleepover, click here.

On 15th March, the School Council took part in a litter pick around the local area. This year the Big Schools Clean Up combined with Clean for the Queen, in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy to clear up Britain in time for the Queen's 90th birthday in April 2016. The litter collected will be disposed of by Boston Borough Council. To see more photos from the afternoon, please click here.

Click here to look at our first ever magazine 'The Termly Tree Magazine'.

Our School Council members were voted for by staff after the children had written and delivered a speech to the whole of KS2.

Year 6 members - Sam, Maya, Jessica, Jack, Tyler, Alisha, Jenna, Libby, Luke, Jack, Anzelika, Kurtis, Emily, Keira

Year 5 members - Tony & Ebony

Year 4 members - Ryan & Sophie

Year 3 members - Lily-may & Julia

What the School Council achieved in 2014-15:

  • Hawthorn Tree Talent Competition
  • Book sale raising £300
  • Play for HTCCC so the children know what life is like at HTS (To see pictures from the play, please click here)
  • Lunch time games club for KS1 & KS2
  • Visit to Boston Borough Council to visit the Mayor
  • Hawthorn Tree Magazine

Ideas for 2015-16:

  • Play equipment for KS1 and KS2
  • Reading club with younger children
  • KS1 Athletics
  • Homework club
  • Baking competition
  • Sponsored walk for charity
  • Design a card club
  • Drawing club

The first three ideas the School Council worked on were: ordering play equipment, sponsored walk and UNICEF posters.

Ideas achieved in terms 1 and 2:

  • The School Council audited existing play equipment, asked children what they would like to have in the playground and ordered £400 of equipment. The children are now really enjoying playing with the new equipment. Maya is organising zones to improve the organisation of the play equipment. The School Council are proud they raised the money last year and were able to provide equipment for the school.
  • The School Council went on a sponsored walk around the local area and raised £132 for Children In Need. (Click here to see photos from our walk)
  • The School Council have organised the gymnastics group to perform in an assembly in January.
  • The School Council UNICEF posters are looking good and supporting the school in promoting the UNICEF values.