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2018-2019 Academic Year

This term Year 3 have been looking at the Stone Age in History. We have been recreating the cave paintings which originated in the Stone Age. We used different shades of brown paint to create the background and then used a darker brown to dab around a stencil of our hand. Finally we used brown crayons to add the final details.

2016-2017 Academic Year

Our parents came into school to watch our music concert with Mrs Cooper.



On Friday 30th September we had a great Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning (or in our case orange and mango squash morning) with huge amounts of cakes brought in and lots of money raised - thank you!

We had quite a few parents and relations in, it was great to see them even though we didn't get much chance to talk. They were all busy helping the children design cakes and drinks thinking of what the cake might be in our Guess the Ingredients competition. The winner of that was Amelia - we had to draw a name out of a hat because nobody guessed the actual answer of  Chickpea and Lime - I am not surprised nobody guessed that! The best cake design was won by Lila-Rose - well done! There were a lot of very good designs so the judging was hard - look at some of them here:


We have all come back to school and got straight back into our learning! Mrs Bide will be teaching Monday to Thursday and Mrs Robinson on Fridays.

This term we have started to learn French. We have begun by learning to say hello and goodbye and by learning a poem.

Deux petits oiseaux

Deux petits oiseaux

Assis sur une branche

Je m'appelle Fifi

Je m'appelle Blanche

Bonjour Fifi

Bonjour Blanche

Au revoir Fifi

Au revoir Blanche


I wonder if the children can remember any of their new words by the time they get home? They are very keen at school and have made a great start!

In Maths they are starting to use the terms denominator and numerator with fractions and are working hard at using place value.

The children had a vote to decide on which book they wanted read to them on a Friday and the chose the first Harry Potter book. Seeing how long it is we may take many weeks to get through it!

This we were joint first in attendance! Well done everybody!

Au revoir!

2015-2016 Academic Year (Mr Jaques)

We visited Tattershall Castle on Monday 21st March as part of their English topic 'Castles, Kings & Queens'. To see photos from our visit, click here. Watch the video below of us taking part in medieval dancing.



Mr Jaques' class gave flower pots to their Mum's for Mothers Day. They were kindly donated to the school by Bell Brothers Nurseries, Benington. Here is a photo of the class with their plant pots.

Below are some examples of Literacy work:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Below are some examples of Maths work:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3