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The History of our School

Orginally built as a four teacher Infant School and opened in 1968; Hawthorn Tree Corner Community Primary School, has undergone a long and successful life to date. Generations of Boston families have now benefitted from the education provided by Hawthorn Tree School.

In the late 1960's Boston was expanding eastwards along Eastwood Road with infilling of estates along the old roads and original farmhouses. The Pilgrim Hospital was built and the town was growing.

Mr Ball was the school's first Headteacher and remained here for almost 20 years. As a popular and oversubscribed school, the school has seen a number of minor and major building programmes. The most recent of which was over 2012 to 2014 when the Department for Education allocated £1.73 million to extend the school from a planned admissions number of 40 children in each year group to 60. In 2015-16 the school has 363 children in 13 classes. There are 60 children in each year group up to Year 4, this will rise through to Year 6 by September 2017 with two classes for each year group.

Left to right, Mr Lister - Former Headteacher, Mrs Kennedy, Mr Ball - 1st Headteacher, Mr Pearson - 2nd Headteacher at Mrs Kennedy's retirement

This development has benefitted our school tremendously in many ways. An increase in pupil numbers has meant we have a larger team to support the safety, emotional support and ultimately a high standard of education we provide for our children. We pride ourselves on educating the whole child so that they are able to succeed in their learning journey and fulfil their dreams in life, careers and become a caring human being in our world. We are a school that serves the community and this is a skill we wish our children to embed within them. We have two Reception classes which have been refreshed and have a purpose built outdoor area so learning can be planned beyond the classroom environment. The four new classes in KS1 were built in 2012. Each class is spacious and equipped with an interactive white board, computers and access to iPads.

Across KS2, each class has been modernised and equally equipped with an interactive white board, computers and iPads to enhance the provision for the children. Our curriculum is subject lead, fufils the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 whilst creating good cross-curricular links that increases the children's subject knowledge year on year whilst providing an enjoyable curriculum for enquiring minds. In addition to this we have a plethora of extra-curricular provision to develop the whole child, this is led by our sports leader, music leader and arts leader. Our extracurricular provision and success of our pupils in competitions and music and sporting experiences. Furthermore, our children are taught by music specialists and there is extra tuition for flute, guitar and brass instruments. Overall, all our staff care for the children in their everyday learning and school experience, as a team we do everything we can for our children to reach their full potential and beyond. We fulfil our motto: our children Live to Learn and Learn to Live, through dedication and commitment to all children throughout their Primary Years.

Our school is a community school and has strong local links. Over many years we have been supported by and sustained a strong Parents and Friends Association. The 'PFA' run an annual summer fayre (the last Saturday in June) a Christmas Fayre (from 2015), three children's discos and Christmas parties. The PFA raise substantial funding in many ways which bring a wealth of additional support for the school.

Plans are progressing for additional house building on land adjacent to and across Toot Lane opposite the school, as part of this development Hawthorn Tree Community Children's Centre open a new and improved purpose-built accommodation. This development will also bring additional land for the school where it is hoped a school environmental area and allotment will be developed.