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Welcome to Hawthorn Tree Primary School website!

Our website creates an opportunity for us to share and celebrate the achievements of all our pupils. To find out more about our school please take time to look thorugh different sections and click on the relevant links. We hope you find them informative and useful.

Our Ethos Statement

Hawthorn Tree School is committed to:

Promoting an outstanding partnership between school, parents, carers and children. Ensuring the highest quality teaching and learning providing rich and enjoyable learning experiences for all our children. We aspire for each and every child to reach for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their education here so that when they leave, they have a love of learning for the rest of their lives ~ 'Live to Learn, Learn to Live'


Hawthorn Tree School holds an important position as a long-established and highly-regarded school within the Boston community. Our curriculum is exciting and inspires in our pupils a love of learning. Our vision for each child is that they will work towards their personal best, in a caring atmosphere, which reflects British values. We encourage our children to have a very positive self-image and to be confident in their learning. Within our school family everybody is somebody - each child is valued and appreciated, their unique gifts and talents are nutured. They are challenged to excel and aspire to reach their very best now and for the future.

Our school is a community school serving the needs of our local and the wider Boston area. Past pupils come back and see us and highly value their time with us. We celebrate their achievements as they progress through Secondary School and into adult life.

You will see smiling faces when you visit us, but you will also see good and outstanding learning and teaching across the school. Our pupils achieve great results and academic standards are very important to us. We also love PE and sports, music, performing arts, environmental and worldwide learning and produce fabulous art work across a broad curriculum. All pupils are offered a wide range of opportunities, activities and after-school clubs from expertise within school and also from outside providers. Visitors to the school and educational visits provide opportunities to extend learning to the wider learning environment and provide aspiration for now and the future.

We have close links with St Nicholas and Fishtoft Churches and charity groups and Boston Town Council, organising events and learning opportunities with them. Our pupils reach out to groups in the town and the wider environment, for example in the choir and music ensemble visits to senior citizens. We take part in music and dance festivals and we also visit and celebrate festivals of other faiths and religions, as well as support charities near and far. We have close links with other local primary and secondary schools.

We believe that children learn best when home and school work together for their benefit. Our partner organisation 'Hawthorn Tree Community Childrens Centre', provides long-term preschool playgroups and on a session basis, Breakfast Club each morning from 8am and After School Club to 6pm, in addition to this the Centre provides Holiday Club on a session basis throguhout all school holidays.

Care and safety of the individual is seen as central to the roles of all members of staff and governors. Arrangements for safeguarding pupils are firmly establised in Hawthorn Tree School's policies and working practices and daily emphasis through the ethos of the school.

At Hawthorn Tree School we are never complacent. We have hard-working staff, parents/carers, pupils and governors who work together to achieve a shared vision for a school community where everyone can feel safe and happy and can achieve to their personal, social and academic potential.

We are always delighted to see parents in school and we encourage parents to share in the learning process. You can expect to be invited to participate in educational events and to join in with parent workshops. We'll do our best to keep you regularly informed by being available on a daily basis for discssion, through our range of newsletters, website and our use of technology including texts, apps and blogs.

Voluntary helpers are made welcome in school and they enrich experiences we are able to offer our children. Voluntary helpers maybe parents, grandparents or people in the broader school community who enjoy working with young people.

All the staff extend a very warm welcome and look forward to meeting you. We look forward to working in partnership with you as together we guide your child through these important Primary School years of their education.

Mr M J Lister