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About Us

Hawthorn Tree School Values, Ethos, Vision and Aims

Ethos Statement

Hawthorn Tree School is committed to:

Promoting an outstanding partnership between school, parents, carers and children.

Ensuring the highest quality teaching and learning providing rich and enjoyable learning experiences for all our children. We aspire for each and every child to reach for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their education here so that when they leave, they have a love of learning for the rest of their lives.

Live to Learn – Learn to Live

The Aims, Values and Purposes which underpin the life and work of our school

At Hawthorn Tree School through the distinctive character and ethos of the school we aim to;

  • Be committed to building and maintaining outstanding partnerships between school/parents and children.
  • Provide an entitlement to learning with equal opportunities for all (which includes the whole school community) and treat all children as individuals. We respond to children's needs and aim to remove barriers to their learning and development.
  • Value ourselves as unique people with a positive self-image, who are able to develop and enjoy achieving things and aspire to that we though impossible. We learn how to look after ourselves - to stay healthy and safe and to develop self-esteem, self-reliance and resilience in adversity.
  • In relationships - we show respect and kindness for others and value truth, trust and honesty. Understanding how others may feel is highly important, we work to promote empathy.
  • The environment - we are committed to look after our surroundings both inside and outside. We appreciate the beauty and wonder of life and the world we live in.
  • Society - to work towards a better world developing a sense of duty, we show that we are responsible citizens, who believe in truth, honesty, justice and the difference between right and wrong - the law. Taking responsibility for our actions is a key part of learning.
  • Ensure that all pupils receive their entitlement to an exciting and motivating broad balanced and relevant education. To promote the highest possible standards of achievement for all pupils with a focus on the essentials of English and Mathematics.
  • To foster an understanding and tolerance of differences, including those of race, culture and religion and to develop an understanding and knowledge of 'British Values'
  • Provide a warm, happy, calm safe and secure environment in which to learn
  • To give our children the very best opportunity to succeed as citizens in the 21st century.

Ethos and Values of the School

Hawthorn Tree Primary School is a community school. For the school to be successful all members of the community must share its values and beliefs.

Every member of the school is valued. Staff and pupils should demonstrate this by showing mutual respect and courtesy towards each other at all times.

We believe all pupils have a right to learn within a safe and secure environment. All members of the community should be safe from fear, intimidation and harassment.

We believe that everyone at Hawthorn Tree Primary School is entitled to work in a quality-learning environment, which promotes high expectations for all members of its school community.

If a child lives with criticism - she learns to condemn
If a child lives with hostility - he learns to fight
If a child lives with ridicule - she learns to be shy
If a child lives with encouragement - he learns confidence
If a child lives with tolerance - she learns to be patient
If a child lives with praise - he learns to appreciate
If a child lives with fairness - she learns justice
If a child lives with security - he learns to have faith
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship - she learns to find love in the world